M2M Data Corp. Continues Machine-to-Machine Leadership, Partnering With SkyWave to Offer Customers the Latest in Satellite Communications

IsatData Pro Is Designed for the Growing Demands on M2M Communications in the Oil and Gas Industry

M2M Data Corporation, the leader in advanced remote monitoring services for oil and gas markets, today announced that it now offers its Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) clients SkyWave’s new IsatData Pro satellite communications service.

This new machine-to-machine (M2M) service enables more information to be sent and received, enabling customers to cost effectively get the field data they need for their operations.

IsatData Pro is designed to meet the growing demand for higher bandwidth in M2M applications for transmitting telemetry information from oil and gas field assets, and for remote management and control of various types of equipment. The service offers near real-time messages of up to 10,000 bytes to the terminal device, and up to 6,400 bytes for field originated messages.

The increased capacity is allowing our customers to send larger data packets more frequently, with a low cost piece of equipment,” said Donald Wallace, M2M Data Corp.’s president and CEO. “It’s about expanding the selection of solutions available to our RMS customers and making sure our clients have the right technology to fit their needs.

The IsatData Pro service is designed for mission-critical applications and allows advanced remote and flow-monitoring systems to report alarms and send more data in seconds.

IsatData Pro introduces a major innovation into the M2M market,” said Sean Faulkner, vice president of IsatData Pro at SkyWave.

It’s a global service with a packet data capability far beyond anything currently out there. Being able to send and receive more data affordably from remote assets will allow better visibility of business operations and manage risks more effectively.

In addition to satellite communications services, SkyWave offers a variety of products, tools and professional services aimed at assisting customers in maximizing their investment in the technology.

A culture of superior customer service is important to M2M RMS, and we’ve found a like-minded partner in SkyWave,” said Wallace. “When you’re in the middle of an oil field miles away from the nearest office and need to troubleshoot there’s going to be someone there to help.

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