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New XBee Wi-Fi Enables Rapid Deployment of Cloud-Based M2M Solutions

New XBee Wi-Fi Enables Rapid Deployment of Cloud-Based M2M Solutions

Digi International today launched an enhanced version of its XBee® Wi-Fi embedded module.

The low-power module enables serial-to-Wi-Fi networking in the popular XBee form factor and now features native iDigi Device Cloud integration, a Soft Access Point (AP) interface and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for easy device provisioning and maintenance.

Larry Kraft, senior vice president of marketing, Digi International, said:

“Because of its ease of use, popular form factor and native iDigi Device Cloud connectivity, the next-generation XBee Wi-Fi can dramatically accelerate the growth of Wi-Fi in connected machines. With native iDigi Device Cloud connectivity and the power and simplicity of XBee, building a connected, remotely supported product is incredibly easy.”

Native iDigi Device Cloud connectivity makes device data available for quick application creation or integration and enables remote configuration and firmware downloads. With the Soft AP interface, XBee Wi-Fi modules appear as access points. This allows customers to connect to and provision devices like thermostats or scales that often do not have an LCD screen or keyboard interface from a laptop or smart phone. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is another way to add XBee Wi-Fi modules to a network, via a simple push-button method.

Ideal for industrial monitoring, asset tracking, home automation and tank monitoring, the XBee Wi-Fi offers secure 802.11 b/g/n networking. The module features UART and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), which optimizes integration with embedded micro-controllers. The XBee Wi-Fi is available in both through-hole and surface mount (SMT) form-factors, providing tremendous flexibility in design. This lowers development cost and shortens time to market.

XBee products are easy to use and share a common hardware footprint. Available in a variety of protocols for different applications, one XBee can be substituted for another with minimal development time or risk. XBee modules are pre-certified for use in multiple countries.

The next-generation XBee Wi-Fi will be available in April 2013 for $35 MSRP.

For more information, visit www.digi.com. For more information about the iDigi Device Cloud, visit www.idigi.com.

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