Real-Time Irrigation Data for Growers Delivered by Technology from MapShots and AgSense

irrigation control & monitoring

WagNet cloud-based wireless network assists with remote monitoring and management.

Agriculture technology leaders MapShots, Inc. and AgSense announced that they have teamed up to deliver real-time irrigation data for growers.  The new relationship pairs MapShots’ AgStudio® suite of precision agronomy software with AgSense’s WagNet cloud based wireless network.

“We are excited to be integrating the WagNet cloud technology with MapShots AgStudio software,” said Ted Macy, Vice-President of Operations at MapShots.

“The ability to monitor irrigation pivots as well as the many types of field sensors supported by WagNet provides growers with real-time access to irrigation status and machine health, as well as the ability to collect watering records for agronomic analysis.”

“The benefits that our open architecture delivers to MapShots’ customers highlights the strength of our products and business model,” said Terry Schiltz, President of AgSense.  

“It is rewarding that an industry leader like MapShots has embraced our technology.”

Common customers of AgSense and MapShots can immediately take advantage of this partnership by requesting that their irrigation data from WagNet be integrated with their AgStudio software and services.  Each company will continue to market their software and solutions through existing localized distribution channels.

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