HP Helps Communications Service Providers Drive New Revenue Opportunities with HP Internet of Things Platform

HP Helps Communications Service Providers Drive New Revenue Opportunities with HP Internet of Things Platform

New HP Energy Management Pack targeted at utility vertical leverages Platform to connect, analyze and manage data from interconnected things to improve the user experience for both businesses and consumers.

HP today announced the HP Internet of Things (IoT) Platform, a new service that allows CSPs to simultaneously manage heterogeneous sets of IoT sensors, operate vertical applications on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, as well as process, analyze and monetize collected data in a single secure cloud platform. HP today also announced the new HP Energy Management Pack, the first vertical application developed for the HP IoT Platform.

HP IoT Platform
As CSPs look beyond the traditional telecommunication services to grow revenue, combat competitive pressures and enhance customer loyalty, digital services associated with IoT provide an opportunity to create new industry markets by turning technology into a competitive advantage. The HP IoT Platform provides support for any type of smart ecosystem and can be deployed in the customer’s choice of cloud environment.

HP equips CSPs with end-to-end mobile device remote management including device discovery, configuration and control of IoT traffic. This reduces infrastructure costs while isolating IoT traffic from traditional voice and data traffic. The HP IoT Platform ensures control points on data, allowing customers to remotely manage millions of IoT devices for smart applications on the same multi-tenant platform in the cloud. Additionally, it is device vendor independent and connectivity agnostic. The solution operates at a low total cost of ownership with high scalability and flexibility due to built-in network interworking proxy and oneM2M/OMA-DM standards compliance. HP has built security directly into the foundation of the platform, enabling end-to-end protection throughout the data lifecycle.

New HP Energy Management Pack
In order to leverage the HP IoT Platform for CSPs, HP is creating targeted applications designed to quickly and easily accelerate growth in key industry sectors. The new HP Energy Management Pack empowers telecommunications providers and their utility customers to securely provide home automation and energy control to consumers, industries and municipalities. The HP Energy Management Pack can be used to federate and streamline a variety of Smart Environments with multiple gateways and protocols, energy related sensors and applications both inside and outside a home or building. For example:

  • Metering: Use home equipped Smart Meters to manage pre-paid energy, dynamic updates of tariffs from the grid and real-time consumption measurement.
  • Energy Management: Monitor and optimize energy consumption of connected home appliances based on use, temperature and light conditions and tariffs.
  • Public Lighting: Remotely manage public lights based on profiles, emergency requests and weather conditions.
  • Smart City Services: Address city services using electronic parking systems to relay Smart Connectivity to sensors centrally controlling parking capacity and electronically monitoring meters.

This application enables CSPs and their utility customers to drive new revenue streams from analyzing the data and intelligence that comes from interconnected things to create new offerings and improve the user experience for both businesses and consumers.

HP IoT Platform and HP Energy Management Pack are available worldwide now.

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