Hughes Telematics selects Sierra Wireless embedded wireless modules and application framework to power In-Drive aftermarket solution

Leading provider of connected services uses Sierra Wireless AirPrime(TM) wireless modems and software to bring services to market in less time, at a lower cost.

Sierra Wireless today announced that Hughes Telematics, Inc. (“HTI”), a leader in providing next-generation connected services, has selected Sierra Wireless AirPrime(TM) embedded wireless modules and application framework to support its award-winning In-Drive(TM) aftermarket solution.

Using Sierra Wireless modules such as the AirPrime SL6087 EDGE Module and the AirPrime XM0110 GPS Module, In-Drive offers a range of industry-leading solutions that leverage simple, self-installed devices to offer a comprehensive set of in-vehicle connected services ranging from emergency response and family monitoring, to diagnostics and driver behavior data.

The AirPrime EDGE modules provide a connectivity platform for the In-Drive solution to connect over GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless networks. These modules deliver reliable connectivity even under the demanding conditions of transportation systems, which can include extreme temperatures, vibration, and limited reception.

Built upon SiRFstarIV(TM) GPS technology, the AirPrime GPS module provides a comprehensive, field-proven solution that integrates seamlessly with the AirPrime wireless modules. With a direct connection to the wireless modules, a shared power supply, simplified software integration, and no external components apart from the GPS antenna, the GPS modules are much easier to integrate than standalone GPS solutions.

The tight integration of GPS and GSM communications that Sierra Wireless can offer helps streamline and improve efficiencies in our design and engineering process,” says Eric Berkobin, vice president of aftermarket engineering, HTI. “We can offer our customers the latest GPS technology while lowering our costs and getting products to market more quickly.

Innovative in-vehicle services

HTI offers the In-Drive aftermarket solution to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, insurers and other customers that want to deliver innovative connected vehicle applications to their customers. As a self-installed solution, In-Drive’s portfolio of services ranges from emergency response and family monitoring services, to diagnostics and driver behavior data services.

HTI’s In-Drive customers can provide drivers with services such as incident alert, emergency call, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle location, navigation, and concierge assistance, as well as a variety of driving data and diagnostics information. The In-Drive solutions also provide an ideal platform for usage-based insurance, providing comprehensive tools to monitor driving patterns and driver behavior, and to better assess risk.

Connected services can make driving safer, more efficient and more convenient,” adds Berkobin. “To offer these benefits, we need robust, reliable connectivity solutions designed for the rigors of transportation applications, and we depend on Sierra Wireless to deliver high quality wireless technologies.

Powerful communications platform for automotive services

The AirPrime modules’ Embedded Application Framework (EAF) provides a comprehensive software package that accelerates M2M application development. The application framework includes the Open AT(R) operating system, the world’s only operating system designed for M2M application development, the Developer Studio, and a set of ready-to-use software libraries to help HTI integrate services quickly and easily into the In-Drive solution.

Open AT allows HTI to combine application and communication processing in the AirPrime wireless module, removing the need for a separate application processor in the In-Drive device. As a result, HTI can provide advanced capabilities and connectivity services in a smaller form factor, at a significantly lower cost.

Sierra Wireless has been committed to the transportation industry and to helping manufacturers incorporate machine-to-machine communications into their products for many years,” says Didier Dutronc, Senior Vice President and General Manager, M2M Embedded Solutions, for Sierra Wireless.

By providing comprehensive development tools and capabilities with our Embedded Application Framework, we can help companies like Hughes Telematics to develop more innovative solutions at a lower total cost, and bring those solutions to market much more quickly.

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