Opticon uses Telit’s GE864 module for its GRD13 GSM cradle

Opticon uses Telit GE864

Telit’s small and cost effective BGA GSM module proved to be a successful tool for the Opticon cradle.

Opticon Sensors is a multifaceted innovative supplier of high-quality automation identification equipment specialized in the manufacturing of barcode scanners. Working together with the research firm GfK, the company designed a CRD13 GSM cradle and a barcode terminal called H13 to have households in different countries scan their groceries at home to provide insight into their shopping behaviour.

Telit’s small and cost effective GE864 GSM module proved to be the ideal device used for the GRD13 GSM cradle. The module supports the external communication by GSM/GPRS and allows data transfer whenever the barcode scanner is plugged into the cradle via an IrDA interface. Because of its ultra-compact design Telit’s GE864 GSM is perfect for high-volume M2M applications as well as mobile data devices.

Find more info on Opticon scanning solutions, at www.opticon.com

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