Sprint Teams with Enterprise Fleet Management to offer Exclusive Mobile Resource Manager

Fleet operators can monitor vehicle location, dispatch jobs, send driving directions and text drivers all in real time with this M2M solution

Enterprise Fleet Management, a leader in fleet management services, has partnered with Sprint to offer Mobile Resource Manager (MRM), a cutting-edge machine-to-machine (M2M) solution.

MRM is a Web-based solution that provides companies real-time visibility into the locations and activities of their mobile resources. Enterprise Fleet Management’s MRM customers enjoy a higher level of vehicle tracking and reporting, wireless job dispatching and time tracking, and built-in navigation resulting in enhanced productivity, improved communications and a superior customer experience overall.

Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) is owned by the Taylor Family of St. Louis, who, through regional subsidiaries, also own and operate Enterprise Rent-A-Car. EFM offers Mobile Resource Manager to its customers—companies spanning many industries from transportation to logistics to healthcare. Since MRM was rolled out in 2010, EFM has sold more than 4,500 MRM units to more than 400 customers.

Wireless Job Dispatching, Time Tracking and Reporting:

MRM offers real-time resource tracking so users can pinpoint vehicle location in an instant or via historical reports. Sophisticated, customizable reports enable fleet managers to customize exception reports, based on the specific business need.

Through 3G Sprint wireless network connectivity between the MRM units and the Web interface, real-time monitoring of any job status is seamless. Jobs are dispatched directly to MRM units and drivers can communicate directly with fleet managers.


Field workers access detailed driving directions, accurately guiding them to their destinations using the most optimal routes, thus decreasing drive time resulting in reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


The key to effectively managing a large fleet operation is frequent and reliable communication between the office and fleet operators. With MRM, dispatchers can send text messages directly to individual drivers’ MRM units, and drivers can respond by sending a text message back to the Web interface. This leads to fewer phone calls between fleet and office, saving time for both dispatchers and drivers.

Enterprise Fleet Management chose Sprint as a partner for MRM because they share our commitment to provide technology solutions that help our customers operate more efficiently,” said Tom Chelew, vice president-EFM. “Our primary focus is on businesses with medium-size fleets, which often operate in a highly competitive environment where time is money and driver safety is a priority. For these customers, MRM can be a dream come true.

Companies are searching for fleet management solutions that increase operational efficiencies while improving safety and environmental benefits” said John Dupree, senior vice president-Business Sales for Sprint. “EFM has developed a simple yet robust solution that meets these demands and Sprint is proud to be the exclusive network provider for the Mobile Resource Manager Service.

Sprint M2M solutions wirelessly connect a rapidly proliferating variety of electronic devices for business, as well as innovative new consumer and commercial services. Those devices are as varied as digital billboards, medical equipment, video surveillance and security solutions, remote sensors, utility meters, electric charging stations and appliances.

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