Digi Provides Wireless Network Infrastructure for AddEnergie Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Digi wireless gateways and modules enable energy management and control of EV charging stations; billing, payment processing and customer alerts.

Digi International today announced that AddEnergie is using its ConnectPort X4 wireless gateways and XBee ZigBee modules to connect the company’s remote electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The Digi products connect the stations to AddEnergie’s network operations center for billing, payment processing, energy management and customer services such as alerts and reports.

Digi provides the critical communications link between the remote charging stations and our network operations center,” said Louis Tremblay, president, AddEnergie.

This allows building owners to monitor and control charging station energy usage remotely. The gateway communicates with the charging station and a facility’s energy management system to ensure the building is not over consuming during peak times. It also enables remote payment processing, billing and customer alerts and reports.

The ConnectPort X4 gateway connects the remote EV charging stations to AddEnergie’s network operations center over cellular networks. In deployments with multiple charging stations, each station is connected to the gateway using XBee ZigBee wireless modules. The gateway then connects the group of charging stations to the network operations center over cellular networks.

Tremblay added:

“We plan to have hundreds of charging stations deployed across the U.S. and Canada by the end of next year.”

We currently have a lot of Digi’s products in the field working well now. Digi has provided outstanding engineering support throughout the relationship and its products are easy to use and maintain.

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