OMNITROL Networks Introduces Industry’s First Web-based M2M and RFID Platform Integrating Google’s JavaScript-V8 Engine

OMNITROL Networks Introduces Industry’s First Web-based M2M and RFID Platform Integrating Google’s JavaScript-V8 Engine

The only sensor-driven software platform enabling system integrators to quickly design and deploy real-time operational intelligence solutions

OMNITROL Networks, the leading provider of real-time sensor-driven operational intelligence and item-level traceability solutions, announced today the launch of the next generation of its flagship software platform, Edge Application and Services Engine (EASE™) version 4.0. The new platform integrates Google’s high-performance JavaScript-V8 Engine, creating the industry’s most versatile and scalable platform for delivering total visibility solutions in retail smart-store, distribution and manufacturing operations.

OMNITROL’s EASE 4.0 extends the Google Javascript-V8 engine by encapsulating real-time event-processing complexities in M2M and sensor-driven software solutions, enabling Javascript-V8 applications to be deployed in mission-critical environments. EASE 4.0 seamlessly extends Javascript-V8 applications with hot-standby fault tolerance, hot-deployment without downtime, real-time complex event processing, priority queues and in-memory database services – all key requirements in physical-world operations.

Game changing innovation has been stagnant in operations due to the lack of involvement by the internet-generation of visionaries. “System Integrators and developers can now design and deliver highly complex production-ready innovations for item-level asset traceability and operational collaboration automatically from the operations floor through the ease of Javascript programming.” said Drew Nathanson, Vice President of AutoID at VDC Research Group. “This not only reduces the complexity in developing and customizing applications, but also accelerates adoption and integration times for RFID and wireless sensor solutions.”

OMNITROL’s EASE 4.0 platform, based on a real-time fault tolerant architecture, is enhanced by JavaScript V8’s superior logic execution speed. In contrast to previous generation Java engines, V8 processes code natively, without interpretation, thereby increasing application performance. Fast event logic execution is critical in sensor-driven applications where sub-second sense & response has to be guaranteed.

“OMNITROL’s integration of Google’s JavaScript-V8 engine with their market leading production-ready EASE platform creates a new paradigm in easing the delivery of powerful RFID and M2M intelligence and shop-floor collaboration services”, said Dr. Can (John) Saygin, associate professor and Director of Manufacturing Systems and Automation and the Interactive Technology Experience Center (iTEC) at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

OMNITROL is establishing a new open standard in real-time software systems in asset tracking, retail and logistics intelligence,” said Raj Saksena, CEO and President of OMNITROL Networks. “Just as Java simplified the delivery of Internet applications, OMNITROL has removed the complexities involved in delivering sensor-driven smarter operations and smarter supply-chains through an open, easy-to-use Javascript environment.

OMNITROL continues to strive in easing the development and deployment of scalable production-ready M2M and sensor-driven AutoID applications. This has become our cornerstone advantage, chosen by major global system integrators in the delivery of scalable solutions in retail, logistics, and manufacturing operations,” said Joe Ireland, Chief Software Architect of OMNITROL Networks.

About OMNITROL Networks
OMNITROL Networks is the leading software platform provider delivering solutions that automate operational intelligence and asset traceability across global supply-chains. The company’s award-winning Edge Application and Services Engine (EASE™) platform has pioneered real-time automated operational visibility, status and enterprise collaboration directly from operations by integrating sensors with operational processes. OMNITROL’s powerful solutions can be easily customized enabling high-integrity visibility, predictive alerts and business intelligence in retail, distribution and manufacturing operations at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. OMNITROL Networks is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Additional information about OMNITROL’s products and services is available at

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