O2 signs M2M deal for electric car charging

O2 to provide SIM’s for POLAR network of electric vehicle charging stations in first part of deal with Chargemaster

O2 will provide machine to machine (M2M) connections for Chargemaster’s POLAR network of electric vehicle charging points.

The deal will see O2 SIM cards embedded in POLAR terminals across the UK, allowing customers to authorise themselves to use the charging points.

POLAR terminals will initially be rolled out to 100 towns and cities in the UK with 4,000 expected to be deployed by the end of next year.

The two firms said that the deal will also see them work together to provide additional services, such as systems to help electric car drivers to find their nearest charging point and pay for charging using their mobile.

Chargemaster Plc CEO David Martell said:

We are delighted to form this relationship with Telefonica. Chargemaster through its POLAR network is leading the market in the expanding world of low carbon motoring. The two companies’ strengths are complementary and we very much look forward to working with Telefonica.

O2 head of M2M Gilli Coston said:

We are committed to bringing products and services to market that help our customers live more sustainable lives. Electric cars represent a huge potential growth area and working with Chargemaster we hope to develop a range of services to help our customers and to boost this fledgling market.

The firm said the Chargemaster deal is part of its Think Big sustainability programme, designed to promote sustainable living. O2 claims it is already a leader in M2M services for transport, especially in fleet management.

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