Orange Business Services Supports Leading-Edge Hospital in Colombia with e-Health Expertise

Orange Business Services Supports Leading-Edge Hospital in Colombia with e-Health Expertise

Centros Especializados de San Vicente Fundacion Relies on Orange for Launch of Innovative Branch

Centros Especializados de San Vicente Fundacion, a non-profit private institution in Colombia, has chosen to integrate and deliver technology and communications services in its new branch that launched in October. The goal of the hospital is to become a recognized international center of excellence in the delivery of highly complex health services, such as transplants. Orange is providing services integration and network infrastructure to the new branch comprising 12 specialized health centers.

Dr. Guillermo León Valencia, director, Centros Especializados de San Vicente Fundacion, said:

“In the hospital’s quest to be one of the most important digital institutions in Latin America, its challenge was to select the right technological partner to both fit our needs and provide a good level of service that supports high-quality medical care,”

“With its unique blend of healthcare technology integration and consulting expertise, Orange Business Services was the best partner for this important project.”

Orange Business Services Supports Leading-Edge Hospital in Colombia with e-Health ExpertiseAmong the services integrated by Orange Business Services is an innovative real-time hospital asset and resource tracking system, based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID). These assets and resources include wheelchairs and other portable tools as well as hospital staff who have RFID tags in their badges. The machine-to-machine solution helps the hospital to know immediately the location of key surgeons and specialists. In addition, the hospital monitors medicine with RFID tags that include a temperature gauge to ensure it is kept at optimal temperatures.

In addition to delivering, integrating and managing the overall communications infrastructure for the hospital, Orange Business Service is managing the hospital’s data center solutions including an application for storing confidential patient information that Orange developed for this project. Also, Orange Business Services is providing a nurse-call system for 220 patient beds that is integrated with the unified communications system encompassing a cloud-based IP Telephony system and the hospital’s information system. This nurse-call system brings the patient and nurse closer together by not just activating an alarm at the nurse’s station but establishing immediate telephone communication with a nurse to efficiently facilitate the patient’s request.

In order to provide medical services that meet international standards, the hospital will certify its processes and construction by industry leaders, such as Joint Commission International and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). A recognized leader in the sustainable telecoms market, Orange Business Services contributed to this certification process by implementing green solutions – such as thin clients, platform virtualization and physical infrastructure. In addition, Orange provided applications that meet the stringent requirements of registration, storage and protection of patient information.

Centros Especializados de San Vicente Fundacion sought a communications provider not only with IT expertise, but also with proven project management and e-health experience. Orange’s project management methodology ensured control of the overall project, structuring a work plan with each manufacturer, optimizing time and budget. Orange Healthcare has been integrating communications, infrastructure and software solutions into hospitals and clinics for more than 10 years. By bridging advanced communication technologies and healthcare solutions, Orange can provide innovative responses to the needs of patients, health professionals and institutions.

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