Synapse Wireless Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy With Arrow Electronics

Synapse Wireless Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy With Arrow Electronics

Demand for SNAP(R) Network Operating System Intensifies

Synapse Wireless(R) today announced an agreement with Arrow Electronics for the global distribution of Synapse’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions based on the award-winning SNAP(R) network platform. Seeing a five-fold increase in the number of registered SNAP developers over the past two years, Synapse is now servicing thousands of engineers who are experiencing the benefits of a wireless control and monitoring solution that simply works.

David West, vice president of supplier marketing and asset management for Arrow Electronics said:

“Synapse’s SNAP wireless network is a highly versatile connectivity stack that can run on almost any protocol, from Ethernet to USB to Wireless 802.15.4.”

Synapse is a solid addition to our line card, and will be highly synergistic with our existing embedded and connectivity suppliers.

Whether the requirements are for a low-cost microcontroller or a massive Cloud server, design engineers have found SNAP to be the ideal multi-vendor solution for embedding intelligent, reliable, wireless communication into their products. Compared to other, more complex and expensive alternatives, engineers are choosing SNAP because of its support for a wide range of network standards, different radio frequencies and bandwidths. More importantly, SNAP developers only need to focus on building their applications with the free, Synapse Portal(R) development environment and create Python scripts that can be uploaded wirelessly; the network is not their worry.

We are constantly amazed at both the variety and speed at which SNAP-based wireless applications are being designed for M2M applications,” said Wade Patterson, CEO of Synapse Wireless. “SNAP has been a springboard for entire new markets, as well as providing a tremendous advantage when upgrading existing product portfolios with intelligence and Internet connectivity.

Synapse Wireless Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy With Arrow ElectronicsSNAP comes embedded in all of Synapse’s wide range of RF modules that deliver market-leading performance, longest distance and very low design costs. Synapse’s wireless technology can be deployed in almost any application that requires remote monitoring and control of machines, sensors or processes.

For information regarding Arrow’s Machine-to-Machine offering, seven-city seminar series and information regarding Synapse, please visit .

About Synapse Wireless, Inc.
Synapse Wireless, Inc., located in Huntsville, Alabama, provides intelligent, wireless control and monitoring technology for machine-to-machine networks based on the Internet-enabled SNAP(R) network operating system. Synapse’s Portal(R) and SNAP(R) Connect products provide a complete software development environment for easy application development and fast time to revenue. Synapse RF Engine(R) modules include an increasing number of MCU choices for both interoperability and second sourcing. Synapse offers a complete line of LED lighting control products in support of Future Lighting Solutions’ Intelligent Lighting Platform (ILP) initiative as well as wireless cable replacement products. Synapse Engineering Services provides comprehensive design and implementation support for OEMs and partners. For more information, visit:

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