MerlinCryption Announces Smart-Encryption for Secure M2M & Smart-World Technology

MerlinCryption Announces Smart-Encryption for Secure M2M & Smart-World Technology

MerlinM2M, The Smart-World’s Smart-Encryption™ introduces M2M’s first scalable keys from 2008 bits to 2 GB in size, enabling OEM developers to prevent cloning and M2M providers with end-to-end data security.

The unpredictable and dynamically changeable keys work in tandem with the encryption engine to produce a different encrypted transmission every time, even when the machine repeats the same data, key, and password input.

MerlinM2M platform creates keys, when needed, using a parameter-controlled customizable key generator. The key exists only until encryption is complete, at which point the platform deletes the key and scrubs memory. Although keys are massive, the platform realizes sub-second speed, which is essential to M2M solution providers.

MerlinCryption is BIS and NSA approved for export and is OFAC compliant. MerlinM2M enables medical-device partners with HIPAA compliance and achieves HIPAA’s stated goals for “flexible and scalable security” in algorithm and key size.

Paul “Prem” Sobel, CTO and MerlinCryption LLC Founding Partner, says:

“With the $388 Billion Cybercrime business, now as large as the international illegal drug trade, coupled with reactive legislation for data privacy, encryption is no longer a choice for M2M developers”

MerlinM2M scaling key ability is not subject to statistical analysis and not based on mathematical technique, making it the obvious choice to overcome risk of IP and ID theft from hacking.

M2M partners gain additional security benefit from the platform’s multi-factor authentication component as well as MerlinM2M’s post encryption/decryption memory scrubs. This level of detailed security differentiates and leverages their value-added services in diverse M2M provider environments.

About MerlinCryption LLC
An encryption security software company in Austin TX, MerlinCryption LLC develops smart-world solutions that protect against cyber theft and cloning in the extraordinary M2M (machine-to-machine) market sector.

Leading edge MerlinCryption technology secures dynamic end-to-end data, pioneering innovative software to protect data-at-rest, data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-in-change.

The unprecedented encryption platform protects file, email, instant messaging, password, and broadcast data as it is created, viewed, edited, shared, stored and moved across communications channels. The technology company offers full-scale encryption platforms for M2M and Enterprise, as well as eleven stand-alone software programs for consumers. MerlinCryption architecture is changing the way the world protects data and secures connectivity.

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