NEC Increases Line Services for CONNEXIVE M2M Solutions

NEC M2M Connexive

NEC Corporation announced today the beginning of sales activities for its enhanced M2M CONNEXIVE line connection services (line provision service) using mobile line technologies.

These services will be available globally from April 2, 2012.

The new services are an addition to the existing menu of “CONNEXIVE Cloud Infrastructure Provision Services” that provide system infrastructure through cloud computing.

This cloud infrastructure supports M2M services for communications carriers and businesses through features that include the verification of connection equipment, control functions, data collection and storage. This addition of line provision services to the basic menu enables NEC to globally provide M2M services in one stop that leverage devices, services and communication lines.

NEC’s new CONNEXIVE menu allows businesses to quickly access M2M services, without the need to establish specialized communication lines for data centers. Furthermore, NEC’s cooperation with multiple carriers ensures that users have access to the most optimized line services.

NEC is also capitalizing on the know-how gained from building systems for a wide range of communications carriers during the development of this line service in order to provide “CONNEXIVE Support Services” that support network device authentication and other valuable functions for carriers throughout the world.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to strengthen its portfolio of CONNEXIVE services.

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