Online tool to help consumers save money on energy bills launched in U.S.

Online tool to help consumers save money on energy bills launched in U.S.

The U.S. Energy Department has launched an interactive web platform, the Utility Data Access Map tool, which enables electric utilities across the country to show consumers the data they can access on their electricity use.

Currently, DOE has received responses from more than 500 participating utilities. Responses from other utilities are currently being solicited.

Many consumers don’t have enough data or are not aware of the data they can access to make informed decisions about energy efficiency measures they could take to save money. Among those who do have access to their data, some lack the ability to share it with service providers who might help them identify energy savings opportunities and verify savings once improvements have been made.

The Utility Data Access Map tool provides “crowd sourced” maps in user friendly formats based on information gathered from electricity providers nationwide. It highlights local access to electricity data and allows consumers to compare their electricity data access to others in their state and across the country. The data access maps display different features of consumer electricity data including the time period and timeliness of data – informing consumers, for example, whether their utility supplies same-day electricity use information – and the extent to which the data can be shared.

The Utility Data Access Map is intended to complement the Green Button initiative, which enables electric consumers to download their usage data with one click of a button.


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