NextM2M introduces better prices and coverage for cross border M2M


New M2M solution provides better coverage and lower prices for transport, shipping and logistics businesses.

NextM2M – a global provider of M2M solutions – is introducing a customizable mobile connectivity platform and pricing of special interest for the transport, logistics, shipping, and other cross border businesses.
These companies are typically operating in several areas or countries where no single mobile operator has complete coverage. Being tied to a lengthy agreement with one exclusive mobile operator will not only result in inefficient network coverage but also be very costly due to high roaming fees and so forth.

Better coverage
A comprehensive solution, however, from a system provider, application developer or directly via NextM2M can provide the cross border business with a customized solution that is easy to use, flexible, safe, and with a seamless access to several networks at the lowest possible price. Thus the business can avoid lacking coverage or expensive roaming.

Network connectivity and the management hereof is our specialty,” states Mads Winblad, Chairman of the Board, NextM2M A/S.
We have invested extensive resources in developing a unique web based management platform. Combined with our global agreements with Vodafone and Datatrade this platform gives us access to more than 400 mobile networks in 200 countries, which can be accessed with a single SIM card via our platform.

Best possible price
Mads Winblad says:

“We typically have 2-4 networks in each country, which ensure optimal coverage and best possible prices in the countries and areas where the transport or shipping business is operating. If the demand changes, we can alter the solution using the same SIM cards already installed in the devices.”

The consequence is that the business can use the best suitable and most cost efficient network at any moment. You have only one subscription, one SIM card per device to all networks and one contact for billing as well as support.
On top of that we provide a web based management platform from which you have complete control and monitoring. The system is completely transparent and includes a sophisticated billing system completely customizable. The transport business is thus able to pass on connectivity expenses to the customer as desired,” Winblad concludes.

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