Beecham Research And Wearable Technologies Group Launch New Report On Wearable Tech Market

Beecham Research And Wearable Technologies Group Launch New Report On Wearable Tech Market

Beecham Research and Wearable Technologies Group, authorities in the machine-to-machine (M2M) and wearable technology markets, today announce the publication of a new report on the rapidly-developing wearable technologies market.

Following extensive interviews with industry leaders, the report introduces a host of new insights to aid market development, including a segmentation into seven key market sectors. This unique approach is designed to give proper weight to all application areas and demonstrate true market potential.

The forecast methodology is also new-organized around who will buy these products and services and why, and including extensive fashion-industry profiles to answer questions supplemental to traditional technology-led analysis. As a result, the report demonstrates that current products are too narrowly focused to address a far larger total marketplace.

wearable technology applications by Beecham ResearchPlus, the report defines five key categories of enabling technologies, in order to help designers and developers quickly identify the most appropriate technologies to support their innovations.

Speaking at today’s Wearable Technologies conference in San Francisco, Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research commented:
“The Wearable Technologies market is reaching an exciting stage of development and potential, yet we feel that there is more work to be done to bring together viable value chain partners. We hope to help with that process.”

Expanding on that thought, Harry Strasser, Managing Partner at Wearable Technologies Group and former Siemens CTO said:
“We envision a connected world, where everything in people’s lives will have computing power, wireless connectivity and many unobtrusive sensors. Wearable technologies will substantially enhance people’s lifestyles and work styles.”

Christian Stammel, CEO of Wearable Technologies Group also said:

“We have worked for nearly a decade on the realization of a vibrant market for Wearable Technologies products and services, and we believe the right success factors are now coming together. Standardization and interoperability are the key factors and the reason why the market will grow tremendously this year.”

The report, titled “Wearable Technologies: Towards Function with Style” is available now for purchase from

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