Bosch Software Innovations introduces software suite in the Americas

Bosch Software Innovations introduces software suite in the Americas

New concepts and business models for a networked world | Device management (M2M) software connects devices to the internet

Bosch Software Innovations, the software and systems division of the Bosch Group, today announced the introduction of its integrated software suite in the Americas. Comprising the company’s core products for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Device Management (M2M), the holistic suite creates the foundation to address connectivity needs in a networked world. This allows businesses to successfully implement new business models.

Shailesh Topiwala, managing director Bosch Software Innovations for the Americas, said:

“We expect a worldwide internet penetration rate of around 75 percent by 2015, and over 6.5 billion IP-ready devices to be connected over the internet by then. This number is projected to increase exponentially to an estimated 50 billion devices, appliances and systems that exchange data and synchronize with one another without human input by 2025.”

“By making these systems compatible with one another and connecting them intelligently, a whole new range of services can be created. This will not only change the way people live but also how they do business,” added Topiwala.
“Our software suite is based on open standards that make it highly scalable and therewith particularly suited for dynamic business applications.”

New business models

Bosch Software Innovations already offers various innovative use cases and projects based on its core products, for instance:

  • Predictive maintenance: knowing in advance when machinery faults will occur means the appropriate measures can be initiated well before production comes to a standstill.
  • Connected mobility: communication between vehicles and fleet operators allows fleet planning to be optimized using real-time vehicle data.
  • The virtual power plant of the future: intelligent management of a large number of decentralized energy generation plants and their connection to users.

Software suite components

The Bosch Software Innovations software suite includes three core products, namely BPM, BRM and M2M, and is available in two editions for different application scenarios. The BPM+ Edition encompasses the BPM and BRM components for process and rule-based enterprise applications such as risk assessment, claim processing and workflow management. For complex and future-oriented projects pertaining to the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS), all three products make up the IoTS Edition that provides the backbone for the effective implementation of such solutions and new cloud services to be built upon. The newest addition to the software suite is the M2M component. It connects and manages all kinds of devices to achieve intelligent control in IoTS projects, with the software supporting a flexible authorization model. Since the product is based on an advanced security architecture, end customers can feel safe in the knowledge that nobody can access sensitive data without their permission.

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