Orga Systems joins M2M Alliance

Orga Systems joins M2M Alliance

Active contribution to the world’s biggest network of Machine-to-Machine players.

Orga Systems, a leading software vendor for real-time charging and billing solutions, with an international customer base in the telecommunications, utilities and machine-to-machine markets, has joined the M2M Alliance, the world’s biggest M2M association.

Real-time capabilities are a business enabler for profitable M2M

The machine-to-machine (M2M) sector is experiencing a burgeoning growth. According to analysts the total worldwide M2M connectivity revenue will increase from USD 6.5 billion to USD 51 billion in 2021, offering CSPs the opportunity to take advantage of the accelerating growth in the M2M ecosystem. Nevertheless, the challenge of building a profitable M2M business case remains for many in the industry and yet is irrefutable because real-time intelligence and responsiveness are imperatives for future success in providing next generation services such as M2M.
Orga Systems’ two-decade real-time experience is a component in a current profitable M2M business case, bringing the IoT (Internet of Things) forward and unleashing a wave of new possibilities for data gathering, predictive analytics and IT automation. Hence, Orga Systems is looking forward to contributing to the M2M Alliance as well as exchanging know-how with other industry players.

“As the world’s largest M2M association, one of our objectives is to promote all the different aspects of M2M communications. With their unique expertise, Orga Systems is a valuable new member of our network,” says Eric Schneider, 1st Chairman of the M2M Alliance.

Wolfgang Kroh, CEO of Orga Systems adds:
“For years we have been intensively dealing with concrete fields of application in the M2M business, from Smart Home to Cloud Billing. The driving factors for this business are mostly the economic benefits of connected worlds as well as new ways of improved added value for all participants.”

“We are more than happy to contribute our significant depth of experience we have gained from global projects in the fields of energy supply, automotive and logistics to the M2M Alliance’s important work.”

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