KT Relies on Telit for Global Freight Security Service

KT Relies on Telit for Global Freight Security Service

Smart Freight Forwarding Service ensures business stability and efficiency for companies importing and exporting | Continuous visibility throughout entire freight path is based on global roaming WCDMA modules.

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, today announced that KT’s Global Freight Tracking Security Control Business employs the company’s HE910 and UC864 modules to deliver edge-side cellular connectivity for the service.

With KT’s global telecommunication network used as the foundation, the Global Freight Tracking Security Control Service leverages the ConTracer platform co-developed by POSCO ICT and S-Winnus. Telit mobile data modules were employed in the ConTracer which is capable of tracking temperature and humidity inside the container, impact and location information. eSeal is an innovative element of the solution which provides location data and container seal information.

Unlike most commercial freight tracking solutions that only collect information at certain zones, this new freight tracking service provides real-time information throughout the entire path with reliable, continuous visibility. And because the Telit HE910 WCDMA module provides for comprehensive telecommunication band-coverage, it supports global roaming in areas covered by 3G networks, enabling real-time monitoring regardless of the country of export destination.

The new service capabilities are of particular interest for Korean companies exporting to U.S. markets as they allow exporters to respond efficiently to requirements from the American Safe Port Act which is to go into effect at the end of this year. The Safe Port Act requires that all containers entering U.S. territory be equipped with security equipment. Freight enclosed in containers with tracking control solutions may be exempted from inspection, resulting in a quicker customs clearance process.

The HE910 deployed in the solution is an RoHS compliant module that combines GSM, GPRS, EDGE and HSPA cellular operation with digital telecommunication service access. It is the smallest LGA form factor in the industry (28.2 x 28.2 x 2.6mm) to support as many operating modes and frequency bands. It is suitable for applications processing high-throughput multimedia data like e-readers, PDAs and real-time location tracing devices. With HSPA+ download speed of 21Mbps, and 5.7Mbps upload, the module also supports MIPI HSI high-speed serial port and receiver-diversity. An optional feature delivers embedded high-sensitivity A-GPS functionality with simultaneous voice and data.

KT’s vehicle control platform (T-FMS) technology is also employed in the global freight tracking security control service. The integrated platform enables not only vehicle location control, but also optimization of vehicles in operation, delivering improved fuel savings, vehicle management costs, security/theft prevention services and remote vehicle diagnostics.

freight containersJoong-jo Shin, CEO of S-Winnus, said:

“eSeal and ConTracer applied to the service, result in a smart freight forwarding solution which, when combined with sensor technology, delivers the required functionality for monitoring illegal opening/closing of moving freight, temperature, humidity and impact. Managers can easily monitor the freight’s condition on the WEB or mobile ensuring freight productivity and security.”

“Cost was top priority for freight forwarding solutions in the past. Management and security have been gaining importance however. I am glad that Telit, with its long years of professionalism in tracing and security, is contributing to the effective globalization of Korean companies. As Korea becomes a stronger exporting country, more demand for global roaming is expected”, said Ho-sang Kim, Senior Sales Director Korea & Japan, Telit Wireless Solutions.

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