M2M Alliance and Swedish M2M Service Enablers (SMSE) join forces, Intel and Slagkryssaren join SMSE

M2M Alliance and Swedish M2M Service Enablers (SMSE) join forces, Intel and Slagkryssaren join SMSE

The Swedish IoT alliance SMSE grow in size and power! SMSE and Europe’s biggest IoT Industry alliance, M2M Alliance, join their forces.

Intel joins SMSE as Sponsor and the Swedish IoT developer Slagkryssaren becomes member number 33.

Magnus Melander, founder of SMSE, says:

“Intel is an IoT powerhouse very active in several industries of key importance for our members including buildings, transportation, energy and smart cities. Our partnership will immediately pay off since both organizations are involved in establishing open service environments for different segments of the building/real estate market.”

“We are excited to join SMSE”, says Johan Falk, Head of Intel IoT Ignition Lab, Stockholm. One key objective for Intel is to accelerate piloting and validation of leading IoT solutions, proving the value from a user, business and sustainability viewpoint – and to accelerate scale-out globally. This is being done in collaboration with leading entrepreneurial companies and customers. In this context, SMSE makes a strong addition to our global IoT eco-system network.

M2M Alliance was founded 2007 and has around 80 members. Their annual M2M Summit in Düsseldorf in October 20-21 had around 800 participants and 60 exhibitors including SMSE-members Maingate, WSI, Clayster, Evothings and Wbird in a joint stand. “Germany and Sweden are close trade partners since decades and both countries are advanced users of IoT solutions in society and business”, says Magnus Melander. “Our partnership provides great opportunities for IoT entrepreneurs and customers to collaborate across boarders and we will together arrange activities to make this happen”, continues Melander.

“This is a big chance for the IoT industry and their end customers. Joining the forces of the two biggest associations will raise the drive of this innovative business. Only with smart solutions and with the approach develop once deploy many times we are able to reduce costs and efficiency” stated Eric Schneider, 1st chairman of the M2M Alliance. M2M Alliance exhibits at Mobilize.nu in Stockholm November 6 alongside some 15 SMSE members in a joint stand.

The message promoted by SMSE is that Data is the gold of IoE, Service Enablement is the key to a prospering Internet of Things industry and that Service Enablers need to be specialized in the increasingly competitive and international IoT market. After the most recent expansion the alliance has 33 members and 12 sponsors.

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