Qowisio raises € 10 million to launch in France for its first public low-bandwidth network dedicated to connected services

Qowisio raises € 10 million to launch  in France for its first public low-bandwidth network dedicated to connected services

With its international experience and after deploying 18 private networks abroad, Qowisio, French Start-up is experiencing high-growth and has mobilized € 10 million to open its first public network in France.

The challenge is significant: we estimate 2 billion of connected devices in France by 2020. The Angevin Start-up (founding member of the IOT City in Angers) knows this market since the company is specialized since 2009 in wireless networks at low cost and low energy consumption in order to connect objects together. What makes Qowisio unique is that it does not only provide network connectivity but also supports its customers and partners throughout the entire value chain of the connected devices: range of innovative devices, connectivity and cloud application. The start-up is expecting a fast increase of volume and an estimated turnover of € 140 million in 2020.

This second fundraising brings together Ouest Croissance, Go Capital, BNP PARIBAS Développement and Pays de la Loire Développement. Qowisio revolutionizes the current economic model of communication devices, which until now is based on mobile phone plans. According to the start-up, the future of connected devices goes through disruptive business model, which stake is not the battle of connectivity cost. A model that Qowisio is able to offer today to its clients-partners. This fundraising will also enables the start-up to supply France from June 2015 a low-bandwidth and long range network that relies on the UNB technology (Ultra Narrow Band).

Based on over 6 years of R&D, the Qowisio network connects to the internet devices sending very short messages and intends to solve an equation on which traditional solutions have difficulty with: an ultra-low-cost network, ultra-low-power and ultra-long-range (competitive cost, low consumption and long range). The company know-how and technological expertise, which is 100% owner, associated with competences over the entire value chain of the connected devices, make Qowisio an innovative and complementary solution.

The heart of the network is based on an innovative Gateway terminal enabling to connect any devices in a radius of 50-60 km and which can transmit over a million of messages per day.

The ability of Qowisio to address industries thanks to its range of connected devices ready to connect enables a significant growth from 2015. Since 2009 the start-up has already accumulated a turnover of € 9 million on this connected devices market.

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