Swedish M2M Service Enablers announce a joint effort with Telefonica and welcomes Interoute and Starbright

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Swedish M2M Service Enablers announce a joint effort with Telefonica and welcomes Interoute and Starbright

The Swedish alliance for IoT entrepreneurs proudly announces a major step towards its goals to position Sweden as an IoT powerhouse and to help its members to find partners, customers and capital abroad – a close innovative collaboration with Telefonica.

SMSE also welcomes Interoute as new partner and Starbright as new member. Next international event for SMSE is M2M Summit in Düsseldorf September 8-9.

Telefonica and SMSE have agreed on a platform for collaboration based on Telefonica’s program for partner solutions, Movilforum, and SMSE’s partnership framework. Movilforum is a well established and powerful program for third party solutions to be promoted, sold and supported within the Telefonica ecosystem. Movilforum provides access to 100+ partners, 11 alliances, 25+ annual events, channels, client projects and Latam.

“The close relationship between Telefonica and SMSE has been developed over several years and is based on a common view that both Telefonica and the members of SMSE have a lot to benefit from a well structured, hands on, business centric collaboration”
, says Magnus Melander, founder of SMSE. “To me this is a fantastic opportunity for all our members and an evidence that our small alliance is doing something right”, continues Mr Melander.

Fernando Abella, Director at Telefonica Digital Spain, says:

“A great step forward in our global M2M/IoT market. This cooperation framework is set to be the start of a new approach to the business, cooperating in each step with the key players. In close cooperation, we are moving forward with SMSE to lower the time to market of IoT solutions and share new business opportunities together.”

The SMSE alliance continues to grow organically and welcomes Interoute as new partner. Interoute is the owner operator of Europe’s largest network and a global cloud services platform, which encompasses over 67,000 km of lit fibre, 12 data centres, 14 Virtual Data Centres and 31 colocation centres, with connections to 195 additional partner Data Centres. We also welcome our new member Starbright who focus on product status and positions during transportation.

The next event for SMSE to participate in is M2M Summit in Düsseldorf September 8-9. SMSE is represented by seven member companies in a shared stand: Springworks, Kombridge, HD Wireless, Infracontrol, WSI, Imagimob and Wbird.
“M2M Summit is an obvious event for SMSE to participate in year after year”, says Magnus Melander. “We work hard together with our partner M2M Alliance to establish more and better business relations between the two advanced IoT countries Germany and Sweden”.

The messages promoted by SMSE is that Data is the gold of IoT, Service Enablement is key to a prospering Internet of Things industry and the need to be specialised in the increasingly competitive and international IoT market. After the most recent expansion the alliance has 42 members and 14 partners.

Members of Swedish M2M Service Enablers:
Kombridge, Springworks, Possio, Maingate, WSI, Episcope, Info24, Tritech, Infracontrol, Fridat, Vinnter, CSL Connect, Connode, Evothings, CNet, B3IT, FYM, Imagimob, H&D Wireless, Crossbreed, Combain, Shortcut Labs, Yanzi Networks, Roxen, April System Design, Watty, Clayster, KTC, Mowic, Exibea, Slagkryssaren, MicroTracking, Scypho, TalkPool, Trax (WTS), ShopJoy, Aifloo, IBaround, BitSim, Realtime Embedded, Starbright and Wbird
Partners of Swedish M2M Service Enablers: Tele2, Telenor Connexion, TeliaSonera, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Teracom, Intel, M2M Alliance, Telefonica, Interoute, Business Sweden and Swedish Mobile Association (SMA)
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