Telit and B+B SmartWorx Collaborate on Intelligent Onramp to the Industrial Internet of Things

Telit and B+B SmartWorx Collaborate on Intelligent Onramp to the Industrial Internet of Things

Spectre Network Gateway included in deviceWISE Ready program.

Telit and B+B SmartWorx today announced the availability of Telit’s deviceWISE Asset Gateway software for the Spectre Network Gateway, an essential component of B+B SmartWorx’ Wzzard™ Intelligent Sensing Platform. When installed on the Spectre gateway, the deviceWISE software provides industry-leading edge intelligence, device connectivity, data management and application integration for onboarding to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – enabling deeper insights into operational performance and productivity.

B+B’s Spectre Network Gateway is an industrial-grade gateway that can connect equipment and other devices to the Internet or Intranet over either wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connections. It delivers plug-and-play simplicity with extensive remote management, deployment and customization options.

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway includes a large library of native device drivers and industrial protocols, making it highly applicable for Industrial IoT deployments. Embedded robust edge intelligence logic lets developers configure alarms and events, do conditional monitoring, make automatic decisions and take actions. Processed information from the sensor nodes is published through the Cloud-based deviceWISE IoT Platform for seamless integration with enterprise business systems and mobile and web-based apps and dashboards.

The B+B Spectre Network Gateway received deviceWISE Ready certification after undergoing comprehensive engineering and testing, assuring simple, quick, and reliable integration with the Telit IoT Portal when building intelligent industrial IoT and M2M networks.

“B+B SmartWorx is a valued ecosystem partner of Telit and we are excited that their Spectre Network Gateway has been added to the deviceWISE Ready program,”
said David de la Rosa, VP Industrial IoT, Telit IoT Platforms.

“Together we made it easy to install our Industrial IoT software on the Spectre router, helping integrators, VARs and service provider efficiently develop and deploy secure, smart, self-powered, and scalable IoT applications.”

The deviceWISE Asset Gateway, installed on the Spectre, makes it easy to connect things to the Cloud and reduces the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying IoT solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments around the world.

The Spectre Network Gateway is already commercially available and the deviceWISE Asset Gateway software can be downloaded from the Telit IoT Portal. Registration is free and includes a developer trial.

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