New Geotab Solution for Driver’s Log: Sixt Leasing uses M2M by Telefónica

New Geotab Solution for Driver’s Log: Sixt Leasing uses M2M by Telefónica

Sixt Leasing AG and its subsidiary Sixt Mobility Consulting AG now offer a new M2M solution: The fully automatic Sixt driver’s log is based on the innovative plug-and-play solution by Telefónica and Geotab, with Telefónica in Germany acting as the general contractor and offering the hardware, service, as well as the necessary to mobile communication access from a single source.

To this end, Sixt Leasing AG has developed a comprehensive electronic driver’s log solution, which uses Telefónica’s M2M expertise.

The convenient app, which is part of the new Sixt driver’s log, allows drivers of company cars to easily document the cause (business trip, private trip or journey from home to work and back) as well as the distance of the driven route for tax authorities via their smartphone. This makes it a lot easier to assess tax for company cars according to their actual usage. Most often, this is a lot cheaper than the general 1-percent rule.

Geotab: Plug-and-play solution for OBD-II
The new solution uses the telematics module by Geotab, which can be installed easily in every modern car through its OBD-II plug. As soon as a trip is over, the box communicates to a server exclusively the time, distance in kilometers as well as starting point and destination.

Immediately afterwards, drivers can see their route through the app and can easily assign it to one of the categories at the touch of a finger. They can then export all the tracked routes via a web portal as documents that are consistent with the requirements of the tax authorities to be used for their tax declaration.

Global SIM: Registers on any available mobile network
For the transmission of data from vehicles, Sixt Leasing relies on Telefónica’s Global SIM. Worldwide, this special SIM card for communication from machine to machine (M2M) always registers on the strongest mobile network available, even if it does not belong to Telefónica. This ensures data transmission in all places.

The Sixt driver’s log has been available for booking since this week via the online configurator of Sixt Leasing when ordering a new vehicle, as well as afterwards via

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