Wistiki joins the LoRa® Alliance to revolutionize the IoT

Wistiki joins the LoRa® Alliance to revolutionize the IoT

As a leading provider of connected devices in France, Wistiki has officially become a member of the global LoRa Alliance.

Wistiki will be the first company in France designing and marketing a product based on LoRa Technology by end of 2016. Within the LoRa Alliance, Wistiki will be representative of B2C opportunities and solutions next to companies such as Cisco, IBM, Actility, Bouygues Telecom etc..

While putting together their expertise in terms of networks, IT infrastructures and consumer products, the alliance members are aiming to offer efficient solutions for the end customer in terms of range and low cost connectivity.

Considering this, Wistiki is also announcing its presence at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain starting today until Feb. 25th. Being part of the LoRa Alliance which will be located in the IoT pavillon Hall 8, this event will be an important step in the positioning of the company within the industry of geolocation. The MWC is a must-go for all those who want to learn about top innovations in the mobile and mobile related industry. More than 95 000 visitors are going to attend the show this year.

Wistiki aha designed by StarckTwo weeks ago Wistiki signed a strategic partnership with Bouygues Telecom, the french mobile network operator in charge of spreading the LoRa network nationally within the next year. Bouygues Telecom just created a special subsidiary called ‘Objenious’ who will support companies such as Wistiki willing to work with the LoRa protocol called LoRaWAN™. Through 3 years of intensive R&D on innovative location technologies, Wistiki has reaffirmed its strenght by collaborating and getting the trust of a giant operator in France.

Wistiki will exclusively test the LoRa networks of Bouygues Telecom with their own B2C product and act as a precursor in the longer term by offering products and services which enable real time localization with low energy consumption and low costs. The strong market demand and the large scope of applications of LoRa technology in the B2C (tracking, e-health, safety…) and B2B (Transport, Supply Chain, Logistics..) sectors will definitely transform the industry of Internet of Things.

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