Cryptosoft to Provide Authentication and Encryption Services for the Internet of Things with Symantec

Cryptosoft to Provide Authentication and Encryption Services for the Internet of Things with Symantec

Cryptosoft to leverage Symantec’s Roots of Trust and device certificates to secure IoT devices.

Cryptosoft, the leader in policy driven authentication and encryption services for connected Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M devices, today announced new platform integration with Symantec’s Managed PKI Service to deliver secure access and storage of data across connected devices.

Cryptosoft customers are now able to issue, renew and revoke Symantec digital certificates, which can be used to power strong authentication, encryption and digital signing applications. Symantec’s Managed PKI Device Authentication enables the players in the IoT ecosystem to perform strong authentication and protect communications by preventing unauthorized access to systems and networks.

As the Internet of Things continues to grow exponentially, the need to securely identify devices across a wide range of networks and applications becomes paramount. Mutual authentication – where servers authenticate devices, and devices authenticate servers – is a crucial cornerstone of IoT security. By working with Symantec, Cryptosoft customers can leverage Symantec’s new Roots of Trust (RoT) for IoT devices that authenticate and verify devices at the hardware level. Combined with the Cryptosoft platform, client devices can trust that the information being shared is between only authorized and secured devices.

As a leading Certificate Authority (CA), Symantec is one of the most trusted providers of SSL certificate products, solutions and services around the world. The company recently announced it has already secured more than one billion IoT devices.

IoT security“We are pleased to team up with Symantec in providing much needed security for the Internet of Things,” said Darron Antill, CEO, Cryptosoft, “Customers are looking to extend their investment in Symantec’s Managed PKI services to support their IoT strategy. By working together, we are able to deliver solutions to meet this need while supporting IoT scale and the need for simplicity of implementation and management.”

“By integrating with Cryptosoft’s technology, together we will help protect more customers using IoT devices around the world,” said Brian Witten, Senior Director, IoT Security, Symantec.

“Enterprises can leverage the Cryptosoft platform to encrypt and authenticate devices with a deeper level of trust than ever before. Plus, by building into the Symantec ecosystem, Cryptosoft will be able to provide solutions for a wider range of vendors and customers who are working with Symantec to deliver these new Roots of Trust.”

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