Ayyeka & SIGFOX: First U.S. Channel Partnership to Enable Smart Cities Across The U.S.

Ayyeka & SIGFOX: First U.S. Channel Partnership to Enable Smart Cities Across The U.S.

Ayyeka, a technology company developing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, today announced a first-of-its-kind channel partnership in the United States with SIGFOX, the world’s leading provider of dedicated communications service for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ayyeka’s remote monitoring systems are SIGFOX-certified and will operate on the SIGFOX network. There are currently 7 million devices operating on the global SIGFOX network, with Ayyeka joining in to deploy devices across the U.S. to create energy efficient smart cities.

The SIGFOX network is specifically designed for low-power IoT devices, enabling Ayyeka’s remote monitoring solutions, dubbed Wavelet Kits, to collect and transmit data from remotely dispersed infrastructure and assets to SCADA systems and other business intelligence and analytic platforms. Together, Ayyeka smart sensor networks operating with SIGFOX communication will enable simple, seamless data collection to allow for increased operational performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protection of public health and safety.

Vice President of Sales and Partnerships for SIGFOX North America Michael Orr, said:

“The Ayyeka-SIGFOX partnership is making water monitoring and control far more cost effective, reliable, and scalable, thus enabling municipalities to optimize operations and deliver ‘smart city’ capabilities.”

Ayyeka is working with utilities and other infrastructure operators to streamline and secure the process of bringing field data to decision makers and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). In addition to solutions for the water and wastewater industry, Ayyeka offers a next generation data collection process for oil and gas, power grid, environmental, agriculture, and smart city applications. This partnership includes co-marketing activities, including events such as the recent IoT World Event in Santa Clara, CA.

“SIGFOX’s communication network fits perfectly with Ayyeka’s IIoT devices both in concept and in practice,” said Ayyeka’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Yair Poleg. “SIGFOX developed an ideal communication platform with a global reach, and Ayyeka fills the data gap with low-power modular IIoT devices.”

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