Sierra Wireless Selected by Nauto for Commercial Launch in North America

Sierra Wireless Selected by Nauto for Commercial Launch in North America

Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Cat-1 Modules Enable Nauto’s AI-Powered Auto Network for Safer, Smarter Driving.

Nauto, the transportation technology company that makes driving safer and smarter, has selected Sierra Wireless as the wireless connectivity solution for the North American launch of Nauto’s flagship artificial intelligence-powered auto network, slated to go live in Spring 2017.

The launch comes as traffic fatalities in the US are rising at the fastest rate in 50 years, according to National Safety Council findings released this month.

Nauto is an integrated, comprehensive auto network, which includes a proprietary after-market dual-camera device, an artificial intelligence-powered smart cloud and data services that can equip any vehicle or fleet with sophisticated safety and networking features. After a successful pilot phase, Nauto is shipping its flagship offering this Spring, featuring a new hardware design, proprietary algorithms and updated smart cloud to its fleet and insurance industry customers. Sierra Wireless’ AirPrime® HL7688 Cat-1 modules will provide the 4G LTE connectivity to power Nauto’s new system.

Because Nauto learns from other drivers, the road and conditions around vehicles in the Nauto network, Nauto customers have access to valuable features, such as on-board safety alerts that help drivers avoid hazards or collisions, as well as real time performance feedback, insights and guidance for an entire fleet. Nauto also delivers individualized coaching recommendations to help drivers improve their driving performance.

Sierra Wireless’ modules enable Nauto to automatically upload video clips to its smart cloud, providing visual context to driving performance and protection against wrongful liability claims. The HL7688 is also pin-to-pin compatible with more than 20 HL Series variants, making it easy for Nauto to expand into new markets.

“As we prepare to launch our upgraded Nauto system in North America, we needed the kind of stable, robust, scalable access to fast connectivity that Sierra Wireless could provide,” said Jason Radisson, General Manager of Nauto’s Fleet unit.

“With our nation’s roadways more dangerous than ever before, there’s an urgent need for the safety and insight features that Nauto is delivering. We are confident our customers will significantly benefit from our improved safety and data insight features.”

“Nauto is taking a comprehensive and innovative approach with its smart car solution, designing it from the ground up to provide any vehicle with state-of-the-art networking and safety features,” said Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions, Sierra Wireless. “The Nauto team has designed a sophisticated solution and we’re pleased to deliver the wireless connectivity that makes it real.”

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