Things Mobile: a Global Mobile Operator Dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Things Mobile: a Global Mobile Operator Dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Things Mobile to connect millions of devices around the world – even without Wi-Fi.

Created by Manuel Zanella*, Things Mobile is a Global Mobile Operator specialized in the Internet of Things.

Things Mobile is the evolution in field of data exchange. Manuel Zanella stresses:

“Things Mobile was created with a crucial goal in mind: upgrading the technology of objects connected to the Internet making it more user-friendly, faster and more convenient. Since most devices exchange very few kilobytes, our rate guarantees very low connection costs and no management fees for devices.”

The rate plus the unique technical features of the SIM card makes Things Mobile the most affordable, competitive and reliable IoT operator on global markets. It allows connecting and managing IoT products all over the world, with a very competitive rate starting from €0.10/MB in the world’s most important countries. The Things Mobile wireless connection works everywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

The Things Mobile SIM card ensures a data connection with over 50% in savings compared to conventional mobile operators thanks to deals with 250 accredited partners in over 165 countries around the world, providing the best connection, coverage and quality.

It is the new global IoT solution that ensures a wireless connection around the world without initial costs or fixed costs. It works with multi-network connectivity. This innovative SIM card for IoT devices supports customers on all networks: 2G, 3G and 4G LTE

*Manuel Zanella roots a decade-long experience in international roaming and in the TLC market with his companies Zeromobile and ChatSim, the SIM card designed to chat free of charge and without limits with WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Apps. It is in this project that Zeromobile is the majority shareholders while Angelsim Sarl and Juan de la Coba – the former already investor in ChatSim and the second ChatSim co-founder- are the other main partners.
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