How Will IoT Affect the World of iGaming?

How Will IoT Affect the World of iGaming?

By Marc, Editor at Iot Business News.

As the electronic world becomes increasingly streamlined and people grow more accustomed to the seamless movement and connectivity of their online world, we see the desire for its integration in different avenues.

In the iGaming world, the benefits of IoT technology are vast and many – in fact, it’s one of the industries where its reach is most obvious. For this reason, companies have already started delving head first into the creation new devices and software.

Year on year, profits in the iGaming business continue to grow and, at some point, will certainly usurp the land-based offerings that have traditionally kept the punters spending. If you can gamble in the palm of your hand or from the comfort of your couch, the likelihood is you’ll do it more often.

With $60 billion worth of revenue expected from the medium by the turn of the next decade, companies are eagerly putting ideas into practice to try and take their piece of the pie.

But what will we see?

Because the current generation is more au fait than ever with mobile technology, they’re more and more accepting of doing the things from “real life” via their phones, laptops, and computers.

There’s a reason that land-based casinos command such an enormous amount of revenue though, and it’s because of the experience it offers. Not just the act of a transaction trying to win money, but the buzz and excitement around it.

How about taking your hitting the casino from your living room, without the air miles or the need for the dress shirt? Virtual reality headsets could provide this experience. And there’s a reason providers go to great lengths and expense to make their tables and hosts look the part – for example, if you went to play Live Blackjack at William Hill (a live casino), you could be a VIP, have the Vegas experience, or even head to Macau, all without stepping out of the front door. The experience without the effort.

The software will continue to make strides, until you can take a full stroll around the casino floor, no doubt engaging with the tables and croupiers, deciding what takes your fancy and which table deserves your money. You’ll have to source your own refreshments, but other than that the experience will all be done for you.

That’s the most fanciful operation that is coming into play, but from the more tech-savvy perspective and for increasing revenues for the operators, tapping into the location and habits of players would give vital data.

If you know the time, the duration, and the movement of players that choose to play your games, you can make adjustments to your output. Do they need to be faster, slower, more engaging? Do you need to time your promotions in the morning, or the evening? This is all information that can lead to increasing gameplay and revenues.

smartwatchTaking that one step further, smartwatches could even track what gets the heart rate going – do wins or close wins cause a spike, and how does that affect gameplay? The ways to manipulate the technology to better target your audience are massive.

It’s also where the physical casinos can sign up to the technology – apps can track movements and spending habits, to help casinos know when to send offers for refreshments, or when to invite them back to the tables.

It’s still in the building stages, yet already we can see that the benefits will be huge now there’s a generation open to sharing so much information with the providers they use.

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