Amdocs and Gemalto join forces to boost the eSIM consumer market

Amdocs and Gemalto join forces to boost the eSIM consumer market

A cloud-based solution providing consumers with a vastly simpler experience connecting IoT devices to their MNO.

Amdocs and Gemalto today announce a best-in-class integrated industry platform that provides consumers with a simple, more intuitive and hassle-free experience in connecting eSIM-equipped smartphones, wearables and future Internet of Things (IoT) devices to their mobile network operator (MNOs).

The many players in the IoT eco-system, including device manufacturers, retailers and developers, now have a single technology bridge to the growing eSIM market.

The new device-agnostic cloud solution, enables MNOs to keep pace with the consumer’s appetite for the ever-growing range of smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) available. This is achieved by protecting the MNOs business critical systems from lengthy and costly integrations and instead requiring simple, one-time integration only to the SaaS solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It provides MNOs with the cutting-edge capabilities to both manage the eSIM profile download and the subscription of the new profile to the customer contract, a process which today is done separately and can cause a cumbersome, manual consumer experience.

Yuval Mayron, general manager of the Amdocs IoT Division, said:

“With the high-growth, emerging Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity, enabling MNOs to provide consumers with a fast and simple way to complete network registration of their latest IoT device is critical to delivering a next generation digital experience.”

“The joint Amdocs and Gemalto solution features a state-of-the-art, highly scalable and flexible cloud-based platform that supports current and future standards so that MNOs can enjoy the evolution with minimum risk.”

“With the acceleration of the digitalization of the consumer mobile journey, the integration of Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity subscription management platform and the Amdocs eSIM Orchestrator will enable mobile operators to embrace eSIM opportunities for consumer devices,” said Frédéric Vasnier, Executive Vice President Mobile Services and IoT for Gemalto.
“In particular it has been designed to provide a best-in-class digital customer experience through smoother activation, and easier device onboarding and replacement.”

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