International Vending Alliance Selects Sierra Wireless IoT Services to Revolutionize Vending Experience

International Vending Alliance Selects Sierra Wireless IoT Services to Revolutionize Vending Experience

Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and AirVantage® IoT Platform to enable digital transformation of the world’s largest vending network.

Sierra Wireless today announced that International Vending Alliance (IVA), the largest global network with 1.9 million vending machines in more than 70 countries, has selected Sierra Wireless’ Smart SIM and AirVantage® IoT Platform to revolutionize vending service delivery.

One hundred million customers interact with IVA vending machines daily, but the vending experience has remained largely unchanged for the last 25 years. IVA’s smart “black box” solution, powered by Sierra Wireless IoT Services, is transforming the vending industry by enabling new business models and customer experiences, including cashless payment, touch screens, targeted advertising, online monitoring and more efficient management.

Martijn van den Hazenkamp, CEO of IVA, said:

“To compete with consumers’ ever-increasing digital expectations, the vending industry needs to reimagine how we interact with our customers.”

“IVA’s global network has been actively involved in the creation of a new smart vending solution that will change how vending machines operate so that data can be used to drive sales and customer satisfaction. We teamed up with Sierra Wireless, a global leader in IoT, to develop the vital connectivity and data collection requirements in the solution. Working together, we will modernize the vending experience.”

Sierra Wireless’ Smart SIMs offer global coverage, allowing IVA to use a single SIM across its worldwide network. The SIMs are integrated with the AirVantage IoT platform to manage subscriptions and connectivity and to monitor connectivity services. By connecting and collecting data from its retail assets, IVA can now provide transformative services, such as preventative maintenance, restocking optimization, automated merchandising, advertising, loyalty programs and more.

“IVA’s solution is a wonderful example of how IoT technology can breathe new life into industries that are facing new competitors and shifting consumer preferences,” said Marc Overton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT Services, Sierra Wireless. “This data-driven vending experience, designed around Sierra Wireless connectivity services, allows IVA to innovate and deliver a completely new experience for customers and more efficient management for operators.”

IVA’s solution integrates Sierra Wireless IoT services with Smart Retail Solutions B.V.’s platform for the Retail, Hospitality, Beverage, and CPG industries.

“Combining our platform with Sierra Wireless’ IoT services allows us to provide a 24/7, flexible connectivity solution to the IVA network,” said Adrian Whelan, Director & Co-Founder, Smart Retail Solutions B.V. “We chose the Sierra Wireless solutions due to its ease of use and robustness, and the team involved has been extremely helpful with designing the solution.”

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