Sicame Group Selects PTC’s ThingWorx for Remote Monitoring and Real-Time Insight

Sicame Group Selects PTC’s ThingWorx for Remote Monitoring and Real-Time Insight

Smart, Connected Products Will Allow Product Performance Monitoring and Improved Operation Efficiency.

PTC today announced that Sicame Group, a global provider of products related to the transport and distribution of electrical energy, has selected PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform to remotely monitor and gather operational intelligence, enabling meaningful insights and enhanced product performance more quickly than using traditional methods.

Established in France over 50 years ago, Sicame Group now operates in 23 countries and distributes its products in 120 countries. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes surveillance, security, and asset optimization products and services, such as street lighting and telecommunications, mechanical accessories, electrical accessories, and junction boxes for PV solar panels.

To help position itself as a key player in the IoT and Smart Grid field, Sicame Group worked with PTC partner 4CAD to develop a strategy that offered its customers new services. With the IoT and its implementation of ThingWorx, the Sicame Group will be able to communicate with its products remotely and, through the embedded analytics function of the ThingWorx Platform, monitor real-time data, predict future events incidents and conditions, and optimize the products’ performance.

“We continuously seek ways to enhance the capabilities of our products and perfect the customer experience, which is why moving forward with a sound IoT strategy is essential,” said Pierre Williams, director of innovation, Sicame Group. “We selected PTC partner 4CAD to guide us in implementing the best solutions to achieve our goals.”

“ThingWorx will monitor the performance of our products remotely and provide valuable digital insight. This newly gained data will bring significant value to our customers and help them optimize their investments.”

The ThingWorx Platform enables the rapid development and deployment of robust applications and experiences that monitor, manage, and control connected devices. This proven industry-leading, award-winning platform helps industrial companies unlock the value associated with the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

“Leveraging ThingWorx positions the Sicame Group to deliver robust IoT-enabled solutions to its customers,” said Iain Michel, general manager ThingWorx IoT, PTC. “We are delighted that Sicame has selected ThingWorx to help support its IoT strategy, and commit to its success.”

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