Email Marketing Statistics for 2019

Email Marketing Statistics for 2019

Email marketing has become and will continue to be one of the most important aspects of an effective marketing campaign in the future. With the increase in ecommerce companies and the increased importance of ecommerce even for traditional businesses, email marketing is both the wave of the future and a vital component of any marketing strategy.

With that said, it is becoming more and more important to keep track of the effectiveness of any email marketing strategy that your company begins.
The following article articulates and describes the email marketing statistics that we have accumulated at Omnisend. This data is the result of analyzing over 2 billion campaigns sent out using Omnisend’s marketing automation platform during 2018.

Multi Channel Marketing Leads to Better Overall Performance

  • A 90% higher customer retention rate than single channel
  • 250% higher purchase rate when 3 or more channels are used
  • 18% higher click rate with custom automation workflows

These numbers speak for themselves. Multichannel marketing is a clear improvement over static email communication.

Customer’s Spend More

When you use a minimum of 3 channels in your marketing campaign, customers spend 13% more on your products. This is an economically significant and statistically significant number. Even if you reach the exact same number of customers with multichannel marketing, those customers will spend considerably more.

Targeted Campaigns Achieve Higher ROI

In general, an expertly led multichannel marketing campaign will cost more than your traditional approach to email marketing. The ROI (Return on Investment) associated with this type of marketing, however, makes that additional expense well worth it.

Not only will your campaigns receive a 35% higher open rate, but they will receive 26.5% more orders as well. If the number of orders increases significantly and, as mentioned above, customers spend 13% more…You do the math.

Email Marketing Statistics by Day

To improve your email marketing results, send your emails early in the month. Your best bet is to send out your campaign within the first 10 days, and your results decrease the later it gets every month.

Email Marketing Statistics by Time

Campaigns sent at 8:00am received an over 20% open rate and an almost 8% click rate. While these are the strongest overall numbers, the strongest click rates were at 5:00 pm and the best order rates at 4:00pm. The bottom line is to find a natural break in a work day and focus on sending your communications during those breaks.

Dynamic Forms Outperform Static Ones

A static signup box produces about a 1.28% conversion rate. Comparing that with more dynamic forms, you will find popup boxes produce a 4.22% conversion rate, a “wheel of fortune” produces at 12.74%, and the most successful form of converting visitors to subscribers is a landing page with an almost 25% success rate.

Some Automation Workflows Perform Better than Others

Depending on what type of results you are looking for, some automation workflows perform better than others. For instance, if you are looking for a strong order rate, then cart recovery automation may be your best bet. If you are going for a strong click rate, then custom automation workflows perform well. Your best bet for overall performance and quality is to create a custom workflow automation and target it to what you are hoping to accomplish.

Segmentation Works

When emails are broken down into smaller segments and customers are engaged with personalized information, you can obtain a 28% open rate. That type of open rate is almost 35% higher than campaigns with no segmentation or personalization. A customer can only make a purchase if they open your campaign and they are much more likely to do so with a segmented approach.

Which Form Fields Perform the Best?

Even if you use the right forms and place them on the right pages, there is some information that is more important than others when it comes to form fields. In terms of a signup conversion rate, there were three specific fields that were the most helpful. Of course, the email field is a given because without an email you do not really have anything. To go along with the email field, these are the three pieces of information that were the most helpful:

  • A phone number led to a 9.56% signup rate.
  • A first name field led to a 8.05% signup rate.
  • A Birthday field led to a 7.83% signup rate.

Use this information wisely and understand what type of email marketing campaigns you hope to accomplish to decide the best fields for your business.


The results are in, and it is clear that multi channel marketing campaigns work. While the results are strong and clear, we fully expect these results to do nothing but improve as new communication channels open and ecommerce become even more important.

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