Soracom Delivers On-Demand Remote Access for IoT Devices with SORACOM Napter

Soracom Delivers On-Demand Remote Access for IoT Devices with SORACOM Napter

New service gives developers secure access to connected devices on-demand, without server configuration or on-device agents.

Soracom, Inc., a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced general availability of the SORACOM Napter service for remote access to IoT devices.

Unlike most existing solutions, SORACOM Napter allows secure remote device without any need for additional device configuration, agent installation, or preparation of a server environment. Developers can initiate remote sessions on demand using the Soracom user console, API or CLI and communicate with devices using common remote access protocols such as SSH, RDP, VNC, or HTTP/HTTPS.

Typically, accessing IoT devices without compromising security requires establishment of a server environment and activation of private networking and bidirectional LAN services like SORACOM Canal and SORACOM Gate. While it is also possible to access devices by providing them with a fixed public IP address, this approach exposes IoT devices and networks to remote attacks.

Napter solves both of these problems by providing secure device access as needed, when needed, without creating a fixed IP address or establishing a full-time server environment.

“We’ve always put IoT security first,” said Soracom CTO and co-founder Kenta Yasukawa.

“That’s why we focus on keeping IoT traffic off the public Internet entirely, with virtual peering, private subnets, and even hardwire connection where needed. SORACOM Napster offers many of the same benefits to smaller deployments and earlier stages of development.”

George Chrysanthakopoulos, founder dCentralized Systems, LLC, agreed:
“dCentralized has ground utility robot prototypes deployed across Washington and Oregon. Before we worked with Soracom, if one went dark we had to get in a car, drive 5 hours and SSH into the unit to triage. With SORACOM Napter we can SSH into our edge devices from anywhere and quickly resolve issues without any complex network configuration and infra from us. As a bonus, their technical support has been outstanding.”

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