A comprehensive guide to IoT product marketing in 2021

A comprehensive guide to IoT product marketing in 2021The availability of information about an IoT product on the company’s website makes it easy for B2B vendors to understand the technology, suppliers and the products used as they have prior experience in understanding the underlying technology. If your product is meant for the B2B industry, it is important to analyze if the product fits within the corporate value chain. But this is not the same when it comes to the common audience. The complexity of current technological trends makes it increasingly difficult for customers to purchase IoT products.

Be it a B2B IoT product or a B2C IoT product this article highlights some of the important sales and marketing strategies to understand your potential customers and their needs to improve sales rate and the need for social media marketing.

Sales and marketing strategies to improve sales

Help buyers in understanding your product

When it comes to purchasing B2B IoT products, typically there are six to ten decision-makers involved in the process. They decide if the project is right for them and analyze the overall quality and the quality of the tools used in developing the product. But for the common audience, it is the job of the company to help customers identify the problem, explore solutions, identify suppliers and validate the project. Providing such information to the customers will help them navigate the purchase process effortlessly and gives them clarity on what they are buying and how it will be useful to them.

Leverage cross-marketing opportunities

Outsourcing marketing services to promote products is not a new thing in the market. When outsourcing marketing services, the marketing firm promotes your product or content related to your product and provides you the promotion outcomes. These marketing firms will create marketing campaigns that are designed to increase more leads. You can mention your marketing partner in your campaigns so that you can build a good relationship with them and request them to mention your product on their social media platforms and other marketing channels. Over 87% of marketers use the cross-promotion technique to promote companies.

Develop topic clusters to improve SEO

Topic clusters have been a top trend when it comes to blogging and SEO optimization. A topic cluster is nothing but a collection of topics and titles under one major topic. The contents will be strategically placed in a way that includes keywords that will help search engines to understand your authority on that particular topic.

To maintain customer engagement, you can analyze the trends and topics that interest them and provide the necessary information and hyperlinks on blogs and articles.

Offer uninterrupted customer support

One of the best ways to gain customer trust and build a strong relationship with potential customers is by offering remarkable customer support. If your target audiences are from different geographical areas and time zones, offering 24/7 customer support will help in building brand awareness and gain more customers. You can make use of chatbots and other tools to manage your customer support area. Chatbots ensure customer satisfaction and involves the interaction of a customer support agent only when it is necessary.

Additionally, gaining customer feedback from your potential customers will help in understanding their needs and problems and gather as much information as possible to develop your business. But it is important to consider customers’ data privacy and gather only the information that the customers are willing to share with you.

Extracting the advantages of social media marketing

In this time where social media marketing is being widely adopted, people have access to digital content now more than ever. According to a report, over 3.6 billion people use social media. This number is expected to reach up to 4.41 billion by 2025. Hence it is high time to create and publish digital content about your product on social media platforms to improve lead. If you are looking for B2B customers, platforms like LinkedIn are very helpful and if you are targeting a common audience, then, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the best choices of social media platforms. It is found that over 96% of the B2B marketers primarily use LinkedIn for content distribution.

A high-quality content focused on displaying your product or the features or pointing out its advantages can be posted to gain customer attention and increase revenue. Social media advertising not only increases revenue but will also help gain customer trust. Below are some of the best tools to create and manage social media content.

Best tools for creating content for SMM

The social media market can be very daunting as the field has to adapt itself to the ever-changing trends in the market and target audience. But the one thing that stands out through all of the changes in the quality of the content. Quality content can be created using various tools that have characteristics like being user-friendly, easy to use, functional and offer numerous features at an affordable price.

1) Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare filmora

Out of many tools that are available in the market, Wondershare Filmora stands out by possessing all of the above-mentioned characteristics. This application is widely known for its audio and video editing capabilities with features like motion detection and automatic noise reduction with the help of AI. The fact that the application is being used by over 77 million people in 150 countries across the globe is a testament to the quality of this application. This application also offers a business version that can be used by professionals across various disciplines.

2) Pixlr


Pixlr is an application with the above-mentioned features that works on various platforms such as desktop or mobile phones across all operating systems. This application is popularly known for its photo editing and enhancing capabilities. While Pixlr is downloadable on mobile devices, Pixlr X and Pixlr E are available for desktops with advanced features.

Best tools for managing SMM

Social media, being a vast platform where numerous people are being involved, managing SMM across various social media platforms can be quite difficult. Some of the tools to manage SMM across various platforms are as follows.



Buffer, which was created for Twitter initially, is being used as a scheduling tool for all social media platforms. Buffer is also used for automatically shortening the shared links, uploading custom images and videos, using complex analytics to track performance and create scheduled content.

At present, more than 75,000 brands and businesses are using Buffer for social media marketing.



Mention is a very effective social media to keep track of important conversations and mentions in articles, forums, review sites and blogs. This tool listens and collects data from various social media platforms and provides insights into the current trends that are prevailing in the market. Mention is also used to publish articles and post content from various social media platforms.

Over 750,000 companies and businesses including huge corporations such as Microsoft, use Mention to manage their social media platforms.

The trends of marketing are forever changing. Companies need to keep up with the current trends to understand the issues and drawbacks of existing technologies and arrive at new solutions to address them. Developing an IoT product is one thing but successfully deploying and marketing the product is a whole new process that determines how successful and necessary your product is.

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