Volvo offers Vodafone GPS vehicle tracker which could slash insurance costs

Volvo Car UK prioritises car security and safety with new tracking accessory

  • Volvo Car UK offers new Vodafone Automotive VTS S5 tracking device for all Volvo models
  • Device uses pinpoint GPS tracking to provide 24/7 monitoring of vehicle location across the UK and 44 other European countries, with Vodafone Automotive working in partnership with local police authorities
  • Tracking device uses Internet of Things (IOT) technology provided in partnership by Vodafone and Trinsic Connected Car
  • Security system is Thatcham Research-approved, helping secure the chance of lower car insurance premiums and access to specific insurance products

Volvo Car UK is providing its customers with extra peace of mind for the security and safety of their car with the introduction of a new vehicle tracking accessory.

The Vodafone Automotive VTS S5 is available now for all Volvo models. It provides vehicle tracking and recovery via Vodafone Automotive’s network of secure operating centres, operational 24/7 and working in partnership with local police nationwide and across 44 other European countries.

The device has received Cat S5 approval in testing by Thatcham Research, certification which may help car owners secure reductions in their insurance premiums or allow them to take advantage of specific insurance products for their car. The tracking device uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology, provided in partnership by Vodafone and Trinsic Connected CarTM.

The tracking function works 24/7 and can pinpoint a car’s location down to 10 metres. Using the associated app, drivers can also monitor their car’s location in real time, check data on previous journeys and obtain directions to their car, whether they are walking or driving.

The system automatically recognises a small card carried by the driver; Vodafone Automotive is notified immediately if the car is stolen or is driven without the card being present. To prevent false alerts, special modes can be activated if the car is at a garage or being transported. The system will also detect attempts to tow the car away, tamper with its battery or cut wires in a theft attempt. If the car is stolen, a Vodafone Automotive operator will contact local police services to give a minute-by-minute log of the car’s location – providing valuable intelligence in helping the police secure the recovery of the car and a conviction.

Hanif Jivani, Accessories Programme Manager at Volvo Car UK, said: “At Volvo, we have always put the safety of our customers first, and as we move into an increasingly digital world, we know how important the role of technology is in achieving this. Vodafone Automotive’s stolen vehicle recovery service will help us protect our customers and keep them reassured that their car is fitted with the highest standards of security in the industry.”

Nick Gliddon, Business Director at Vodafone, said:

“Should you happen to fall victim to vehicle theft, our stolen vehicle tracking technology puts you in the best possible position to locate and recover your car. We are delighted that companies such as Volvo are using our technology and connectivity to help their customers when they need it most.”

The tracking device is priced at £595, including fitting, VAT and a three-year subscription to the stolen vehicle recovery service.

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