G+D and China Unicom Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate eSIM Rollout

G+D and China Unicom Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate eSIM Rollout

G+D and the telecommunications company China Unicom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at this year’s MWC to establish a strategic partnership in the areas of eSIM technology and services.

The agreement aims to establish a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation to promote the further development of eSIM technology and explore new use cases in vertical areas.

China Unicom has a strong market presence in the People’s Republic of China, especially in the fast-growing IoT sector. By partnering with G+D, a leading company in eSIM development, technology and management, China Unicom aims to drive the market introduction of eSIMs in various vertical segments. The partnership will help China Unicom to further consolidate and expand its market position by leveraging G+D’s technologies.

This important strategic partnership will enhance G+D’s reputation and visibility in the highly competitive Chinese market. Demonstrating its leading role in the eSIM sector, G+D will grow its market share in partnership with China Unicom.

By initiating this new collaboration, both companies are responding to the growing demand for technologies and services that support IoT scenarios. The range of applications for IoT solutions is virtually unlimited. They range from connected vehicles, smart logistics and smart grids to smart building, smart city and smart home applications. In particular, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing dynamically in Industry 4.0 scenarios such as smart manufacturing. The introduction of 5G will further accelerate this development. Billions of devices, machines, sensors and systems will soon be connected to the Internet in real time – the era of Massive IoT is beginning. The eSIM and remote SIM provisioning, also known as eSIM management, play a key role in this. They make the deployment and lifecycle management of IoT solutions simple and efficient.

“China Unicom has been approved to deploy eSIM applications in the fields of wearable devices, IoT, laptops, and tablets, becoming the only domestic operator supporting all developed areas in China. China Unicom will continue to strengthen eSIM ecosystem construction, leading the development of eSIM technology in China. Currently, the IoT field is entering a new stage of innovative development. At this point, we have signed this MoU with G+D to not only enhance collaboration based on decades of partnership but also to work together to promote the comprehensive application of eSIM across the industry, accelerating the implementation of eSIM solutions in various fields. I believe that this strategic collaboration will initiate a new era of innovation in eSIM,” said Fengwei Chen, Deputy General Manager from Unicom Vsens.

Simon Wakely, Global Head of Connectivity and IoT Sales at G+D, explained:

“With eSIM at the forefront, we are ready to pioneer the connected future. The partnership with China Unicom is a clear indication of our intention to continue to break boundaries with our innovative, flexible and secure IoT and connectivity solutions and to unlock the business potential for our customers. Together, we look forward to shaping a seamless, smart and inclusive future.”

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