KPN IoT and Freeeway help car manufacturers add new revenue streams from connected cars

New integrated monetization platform enables car OEMs to quickly launch, scale and monetize their connected car services in Europe.

KPN IoT and Austrian IoT connectivity provider Freeeway introduce an integrated IoT monetization platform for the automotive market.

The solution enables automotive OEMs and part manufacturers to generate new and recurring revenue streams from their connected cars in Europe.

Quickly adding new revenue streams

The platform combines Freeeway’s IoT Monetization Hub with M2M connectivity from KPN IoT. This all-in-one solution removes the key challenges that car manufacturers face when entering and scaling in highly regulated markets such as Europe. With an integrated and compliant identity verification process, payment provider integrations, the license to sell mobile data plans as well as billing and subscription management capabilities, OEMs attain a quicker time to market and can start adding new revenue streams from their EV cars fast.

Activate and use new services from the convenience of your car seat

Car drivers who have this solution on board will be able to select, activate and enjoy data plans to enable content, entertainment and car features – including traffic information, location services and remote car controls – conveniently through a user-friendly interface from Freeeway. These services can also be extended to other car related IoT devices such as EV wall chargers by offering specific connectivity data plans via the Freeeway platform.

KPN IoT’s global connectivity ensures the communication between the car and the monetization platform and provides the best network which is required to deliver the preferred services to users in each country. Based on the country where the car is sold, KPN IoT ensures that the content is always localized. This, for example, means that German car owners will have access to German Netflix content.

KPN IoT and Freeeway have been partnering for over 8 years, jointly connecting millions of IoT devices in different sectors. With this new offering for the automotive industry, the two companies are bringing their consultative, customer centric and tailored approach to automotive companies that are looking to grow and monetize their EV cars in Europe quickly.

“The way cars are used is changing. The needs of car owners go far beyond performance and specifications. Moreover, with autonomous driving on the horizon, the ability to deliver connectivity, entertainment and productivity to cars will become even more prominent. Car manufacturers have been subsidizing connectivity services, but that is simply not a sustainable long-term option for them. They need new monetization options. We see a huge opportunity for and interest in our platform that helps car manufacturers to do exactly that, now and in the future.” – Harald Fuchs, CEO Freeeway.

“KPN IoT has been active in the automotive industry since 2014, serving companies such as Lotus, MG, ZF and others in order to provide global connectivity to their products. Currently, millions of EVs are driving around with KPN SIMs on board in Europe and on other continents. From eCall to predictive maintenance and intelligent insurance, we enable a wide range of IoT applications in the automotive market. We are very excited to add to this range by bringing this joint solution with Freeeway to market, helping automotive companies develop new business models in an industry that is going through a major transformation.” – Carolien Nijhuis, Managing Director KPN Internet of Things & Data Services

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