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Be visible in the M2M and IoT spaces!

Since 2011, IoT Business News has been covering the M2M and IoT industry news on a daily basis.

Fully independent, our media has become over the years the reference news source for all M2M and IoT business professionals across the world.

We are now one of the top business medias dedicated to M2M and IoT.

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Just a sample of what our clients say :
quote iconAt Telit, we have trusted IoT Business News since the very beginning. It is now one of the most important M2M portals in Europe. – A.Bufalino, Senior EVP Global Marketing, Telit
quote iconIoT Business News is the authoritative source for the latest M2M/IoT news and innovation on a global basis. It’s succinct, to-the-point reporting is the fastest way to stay on top of M2M & IoT industry developments. – G.Jensen, Corporate Communications Manager, u-blox AG
quote iconWe have been running online visibility campaigns with IoT Business News for several years now and are very satisfied with the service and the performance delivered. IoT Business News is definitely a reference partner for any company looking to promote an IoT solution! – P.Simon, Marketing Program Manager, PTC
quote iconThis is a must-be-on website to get your latest news to the global M2M community. – B.Nay, CMO Wyless
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