july, 2021

julFeaturedOn-demand Webinar: Enabling real-time visibility for your supply chain

New webinar! Enabling real-time visibility for your supply chain

Event Details

As supply chain complexity and customer demands escalate, companies face mounting pressures to deliver their products quickly, securely, and cost-efficiently. In this on-demand webinar, explore the future of supply chain management, powered by the intelligent edge. Join experts from Intel, Microsoft, and C.H. Robinson to see how they partnered to develop a real-time supply chain visibility solution that combines data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to boost on-time deliveries while safeguarding product quality and security.

What you will learn:

  • Discover how IoT, intelligent edge, and cloud technologies address global supply chain challenges through real-time, connected insights.
  • See how this collaboration between industry leaders simplifies and accelerates solution development and deployment at scale.
  • Explore how this solution enables companies to predict and address inventory and supply chain risks and disruptions while lowering costs and improving performance.
  • Find out why supply chains of the future must digitally transform and leverage capabilities like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and the intelligent edge.


Month Long Event (july)