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+ BLUE Light Pack +
With this option you get:
    Your Event Card : your event listed and visible in our IoT Events CalendarSee example of event calendar entry (Event Card)
    A clickable 468×60 banner space in your Event Card – displayed from time of order till the end of your event!
    Your event listed in 2x editions of our monthly e.newsletter (in our selection of recommended events) – with date + title + link + short description – sent out to all our subscribers! – See example of e.news insertion
    Your discount codes (if any) promoted to our readers (in Event Card + e.news insertion)
(one time fee)
++ GREEN Light Pack ++
With this pack, your event will stand out thanks to:
(one time fee)
+++ SUN Light Pack +++
Make your event shine with:
    All the benefits of the Green Light Pack

    A clickable 300×100 banner space located in the right sidebar, visible on the home page + on all news and articles pages – displayed from time of order till the end of your event! (up to 2 months max.) – See example of 300×100 advert space for event promotion
    Your event promoted through IoT Business News’ social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+): 2 messages/channel/month (for 2 months max.) – See example of social media promotion
(one time fee)

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Benefits Blue Light Pack Green Light Pack Sun Light Pack
Your Event Card added to our Calendar
468×60 clickable banner in Event Card
Your Event listed in 2x e.newsletters
Your discount code promoted to our readers
Your Event featured in our Calendar
Your event featured in 1x e.newsletter
Your 300×100 banner on home page + news pages (2 months max)
Your event promoted through our social media channels (2 months max)
Special Price (one time fee) 49€ 199€ 399€

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¹ Only IoT or M2M-related events are eligible to be listed in our Event Calendar. IoT Business News reserves the right to refuse (and therefore refund) any order placed for an event which IoT Business News considers as non-relevant for its Calendar. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact our team