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IoT Security: the key ingredients for success
The IoT is revolutionizing the way business and society functions – and it´s growing fast. Juniper Research estimates the installed base of connected things will reach 64 billion units by 2023.
For some businesses, particularly those new to IoT, understanding cybersecurity and avoiding its pitfalls can seem daunting. The challenge of overcoming IoT security complexity and the perceived cost of implementation can stall IoT deployments, or even worse, leave them unprotected and vulnerable to attack. This whitepaper aims to demystify IoT Security, explains the core concepts and defines the solutions required for successful implementations. It proposes a proven model to evaluate your company's cybersecurity risks. It also examines how companies can securely deploy IoT solutions that provide a long-term positive impact while containing costs.

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  • Securing the IoT: Understanding the Landscape
  • Protecting My Infrastructure: Strategies for Successful IoT Security Deployment
  • Examining the True Cost of IoT Security: A comparison between ´Do-It-Yourself´ versus ´External Security Expert´ implementations
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