Sixnet Drives the Next Generation of Wireless Automation with IndustrialPro Plus Routers

New Industrial Cellular Routers Integrate Automation, Switch and Wireless Capabilities.

Sixnet, a global market leader of machine-to-machine (M2M) networking solutions for industrial markets, today announced the newest addition to its industrial cellular router product line, the IndustrialPro Plus.

The compact IndustrialPro Plus routers bring together Sixnet’s core automation, wireless and switch competencies to deliver reliable, secure remote connectivity to Modbus-enabled devices in harsh, space-constrained environments. This technology integration simplifies remote management, monitoring and control to drive the next generation of wireless automation with lower costs and time savings for multi-site organizations.

When combined with external I/O modules and management software, Sixnet’s IndustrialPro Plus routers reduce complexity by enabling users to instantly access remote assets without needing to deploy, manage and configure multiple devices at varying locations. With native Modbus support and an optional built-in 5-port Ethernet switch, the cellular routers connect multiple remote terminal units (RTUs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), meters and sensors to a centrally-located SCADA server. The central server is then able to poll the IndustrialPro Plus directly using a cellular WAN link, eliminating the need for separate Modbus gateways and reducing equipment, space requirements and site visits.

Supporting 2G, 2.5G and 3G cellular technologies, the routers can be used as primary WAN or landline backup connections to mission critical sites or devices in industrial environments such as power, oil & gas, water, transportation and video surveillance. The end result not only provides customers with reliable service at a lower monthly rate than traditional landlines, but also reduces the need to dispatch maintenance personnel.

Additional features of the IndustrialPro Plus include:

Integrated telemetry, routing and switch capabilities
– Modbus gateway functions as master or slave
– Peer-to-peer Modbus transfer enables direct communication between devices
– Message forwarding optimizes communication in Modbus environments

Software Development Kit
– User-programmable using C/C++ language

– IPSec/SSL, stateful firewall, packet filtering and Access Control List (ACL) functionality help protect against unwanted intrusion

Managed by Sixnet’s SixView Manager, the IndustrialPro Plus enables powerful management, configuration and monitoring of multiple devices from a single console. SixView Manager allows customers to remotely update firmware and make field changes to one or many routers.

“Sixnet is driving thought leadership by combining its core automation, switch and wireless competencies into a powerful integrated wireless automation solution for remote monitoring,” said Mahesh Patel, director of product management, wireless solutions at Sixnet. “The IndustrialPro Plus makes it easy to connect a variety of Modbus-enabled devices using cellular technology, which proves easier and more affordable than traditional WAN solutions.”

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