IoT White Papers

IoT white papers

IoT white papers

A selection of downloadable, recent and complimentary white papers around the Internet of Things:

IoT market stakes and perspectives, IoT technologies and solutions, surveys, IoT use cases…

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AuthorTitle & download linkDate of issueDetails
Unit 42
(Palo Alto Networks)
2020 Unit 42 IoT Threat ReportMarch 2020PDF icon
22 pages
BoschSeamless Integration testing of Various IoT Components through VirtualizationJan. 2020PDF icon
9 pages


AuthorTitle & download linkDate of issueDetails
EricssonEricsson Mobility Report 2019Nov. 2019PDF icon
36 pages
Georgia Tech CDAITDigital Transformation and the Internet of ThingsNov. 2019PDF icon
78 pages
Trend MicroThe Internet of Things in the Cybercrime UndergroundSept. 2019PDF icon
47 pages
MicrosoftIoT Signals 2019July 2019PDF icon
80 pages
5G Americas5G – The Future of IoTJuly 2019PDF icon
122 pages
TelitBuilding 5G IoT on the Solid Foundation of LTE IoTMay 2019PDF icon
8 pages
Osborne ClarkeHow will IoT transform industry in Asia?April 2019PDF icon
36 pages
SiemensTurning the Internet of Things into realityApril 2019PDF icon
17 pages
ActilityLoRaWAN: global standard for Low Power Wide Area IoT networksMarch 2019PDF icon
17 pages
AvnetAT at the Edge: the next frontier of the Internet of ThingsMarch 2019PDF icon
10 pages
Deutsche TelekomMobile IoT Guide: How NB-IoT and LTE-M are helping the IoT take offFeb. 2019PDF icon
24 pages
GSMAIoT security champions building trust into the IoTFeb. 2019PDF icon
35 pages
CiscoDemystifying 5G in Industrial IoTFeb. 2019PDF icon
12 pages
World Economic ForumRealizing the Internet of ThingsJan. 2019PDF icon
24 pages
EricssonCellular IoT evolution for industry digitalizationJan. 2019PDF icon
16 pages
ForresterIoT deployment is driving analytics to the edgeJan. 2019PDF icon
17 pages



AuthorTitle & download linkDate of issueDetails
IoT Security FoundationIoT Cybersecurity: Regulation ReadyNov. 2018PDF icon
22 pages
SingtelEnhancing the Plug and Play Experience for IoT DevicesOct. 2018PDF icon
19 pages
OECDIoT Measurement and ApplicationsOct. 2018PDF icon
67 pages
EVRYTHNGBlockchains for the IoT: beyond the hypeOct. 2018PDF icon
16 pages
GSMAHow Mobile IoT is changing the Industrial IoT landscapeSept. 2018PDF icon
26 pages
GSMADevelopment Guide for LTE-M consumer devicesSept. 2018PDF icon
18 pages
HuaweiIoT Security White Paper 2018Sept. 2018PDF icon
30 pages
GSMAHow Greater China is set to lead the global Industrial IoT marketJune 2018PDF icon
20 pages


AuthorTitle & download linkDate of issueDetails
SIM AllianceeUICC for Connected CarsNovember 2017PDF icon
18 pages
SIM AllianceeUICC for Connected Wearable TechnologyNovember 2017PDF icon
18 pages
SIM AllianceeUICC for Smart MeteringNovember 2017PDF icon
19 pages
RapidValue SolutionsIncreasing your ROA (Return on Assets) with IoT (Internet of Things)July 2017PDF icon
15 pages
AT&TWhat you need to know about IoT platformsMay 2017PDF icon
24 pages
Smart PlantsSmart Factory Case StudyMay 2017PDF icon
5 pages
RigadoDe-risking IoT Wireless DesignFeb.2017PDF icon
8 pages
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