Novatel Wireless Introduces Enfora Spider MT 2500 Fleet Management and Vehicle Recovery Platform

Novatel Wireless Inc., a leading provider of intelligent wireless networking solutions, today announces that Enfora, Inc., a Novatel Wireless company, is announcing the Spider® MT 2500 — its first mobile tracking platform that combines the benefits of a 3-axis accelerometer and multi-GPIO flexibility solving the most critical vehicle problems.

Designed to be adaptable to multiple vertical markets, including fleet, vehicle recovery, insurance, buy-here-pay-here and more, the new Spider MT 2500 is offered as an economical solution, providing enhanced vehicle tracking solutions to the market. With the introduction of the FOTA enabled quad band GSM/GPRS device with internal antennas, 3-axis accelerometer, analog inputs and other GPIO, the Spider MT 2500 ensures a feature rich solution with low implementation and operation costs.

Optimized for the mass market, this unit can capture and monitor information for today’s most demanding fleet and vehicle recovery applications, relaying vehicle and driver behavior information on rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed violations, and excessive idling. With an optional battery for communications when power is lost, the Spider MT 2500 is optimized for a host of vertical markets where critical vehicle information is required.

Through years of experience and detailed customer interactions Enfora has responded to the market demand for a high-performance, full-featured, low-cost device,” said Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless. “We’re seeing increased demand for seamless and smart fleet management and vehicle recovery solutions from the enterprises and insurance companies. We’re excited to introduce the Spider MT 2500 solution, which has been designed specifically to easily and wirelessly enable a seamless connection from mobile assets to the enterprise very cost-effectively.”

The Spider MT 2500 solution is commercially available today.

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