Ericsson acquires Telenor’s M2M business

Telenor Connexion is taking an important step in developing its core business of providing its customers with premium M2M solutions for business and life critical applications. Through a strategic deal with Ericsson, this new direction allows the company to further focus on value added services, customization and service excellence.

After having pioneered the M2M market in automotive, security and smart metering industries, Telenor Connexion developed an advanced M2M dedicated platform in 2009. This platform and managed M2M solutions were subsequently chosen by quality focused companies such as Omron, Nissan, TomTom, and Qualcomm for their embedded connectivity solutions. Telenor Connexion has now taken the next step – a strategic deal with Ericsson where Ericsson acquires the advanced M2M platform in order to allow for larger economies of scale.

This aggressive move allows Telenor Connexion to free up resources allowing for focus on fulfilling customers’ needs rather than concentrating on the day to day operations of an M2M platform. Less emphasis will be placed on the base systems and more resources will become engaged in developing new value added services per vertical market, improving and customizing products, as well as utilizing partnerships to complement the M2M development.

The advantages to Telenor Connexion and its customers are that the company can focus on its core business of providing premium M2M solutions with a high level of service awareness, as well as the company’s strengths in delivering quality and future-proof products and services.

The company’s strategy is targeted at providing a suite of value added services to help customers realize their strategic imperatives like streamlining operations, giving full control and flexibility in M2M applications, providing innovative SIM solutions, and also customer friendly payment solutions. The aim is to help generate new growth opportunities for the M2M market.

— The new direction will enable us to deliver market-making services faster to our rapidly growing customer base. Telenor Connexion has designed and deployed the best in class M2M platform, thereby making it attractive to a company like Ericsson to leverage for their own M2M initiatives. We believe that our increased focus on value added services will address the multiple demands of our customers and allow us to retain our competitive edge. With this strategic development, we will further strengthen our position as the leading provider of premium M2M solutions. It is also a way to continue to differentiate ourselves in the market, says Per Simonsen, CEO at Telenor Connexion.

Under the agreement with Ericsson Telenor Connexion will be able to offer the industry’s highest level of reliable and flexible M2M connectivity services from the newly acquired Ericsson platform. Telenor Connexion also becomes the first customer to Ericsson on its Device Connection Platform.

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