Vnomics and Manage Mobility Partner to Provide Next Generation Telematics Solution to the Commercial Trucking Industry

Partnership Combines Integrated Wireless Services with Vnomics’ Intelligent Telematics Software.

Vnomics, the leading provider of Intelligent Telematics software that delivers real-time returns, today announced a partnership with Manage Mobility.

Manage Mobility offers fully-customized wireless solutions that compliment Vnomics’ FleetKnowSys™ solution designed for the commercial trucking and government vehicle sectors.

Our commercial trucking customers depend on us to provide superior M2M wireless solutions for their specific Telematics needs,” said Mike McGuire, President & CEO of Manage Mobility. “Vnomics’ FleetKnowSys solution is quickly gaining traction in the commercial trucking industry. Having the ability to offer this ‘next generation’ solution to our client base enables us to expand our value and product portfolio within the commercial trucking industry.

This partnership combines Manage Mobility’s wireless provisioning and product management with Vnomics’ Intelligent Telematics software to provide a high-quality customer experience through implementation, asset management and on-going lifecycle support.

Partnering with Manage Mobility enables us to expand our reach further into the commercial trucking industry and offer customers a more robust Telematics solution. We are very enthusiastic about the potential this partnership offers Vnomics and the customer,” said Alex Popov, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Vnomics. “As one of the premier M2M solution providers, Manage Mobility delivers exceptional value and capability to support the ever-evolving technology needs of commercial trucking companies looking to advance the way they operate their fleets.

Vnomics’ flagship solution, FleetKnowSys has been termed by industry leaders as the next generation in Telematics technology. As an Intelligent Telematics solution, FleetKnowSys delivers real-time cost-savings and operational improvements in areas such as maintenance, fuel, safety, driver behavior, and compliance. Vnomics’ technology roots began with the military and today have developed into a technology in a class of its own that meets the stringent demands of commercial trucking companies looking to make bottom line impact in real-time. FleetKnowSys is offered to fleets of all sizes using a Software-as-a-Service model.

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