Wyless Group announces broad range of MVNE Services

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Wyless Group announces broad range of MVNE Services

Wyless Group, the leading global M2M managed services provider, today announced a broad range of MVNE services designed to enable ASPs and large enterprises to deploy and manage M2M solutions around the globe.

The Wyless solutions combine reliable wireless connectivity, powerful management tools and a comprehensive suite of end-to-end managed services to help customers reduce the cost, complexity and implementation time of their M2M applications.

Dan McDuffie, CEO, Wyless Group, says:

Over the past two years Wyless has moved beyond the data MVNO model of our peers and is bringing end-to-end managed services to the forefront of our M2M offering. Today, Wyless has redundant NOCs in three countries, uplinks into mobile network operators around the globe and we operate multiple separate wholesale billing realms into most of these operators on our network. Leading ASPs and large enterprises are coming to Wyless to provide not only connectivity and remote device management, but also hardware procurement, supply chain management, logistics/lifecycle and asset management, customer support and billing. By building a key partner ecosystem across all of these areas and integrating the delivery of these services within our platform, we can vastly reduce the complexity and expense of developing, deploying and maintaining M2M solutions.

About Wyless

Wyless is the leading global M2M managed services provider. Our resilient platform, delivered in partnership with the world’s largest network operators, provides secure, reliable communications with wireless devices in over 120 countries. Powerful management tools offer real-time reporting and control over all devices connected to our network. Wyless delivers a comprehensive suite of managed services with unrivalled expertise, professional support and competitive pricing. We enable our customers and partners to deploy M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively.

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